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WohlSoft Mainpage at 30'th of January, 2020

WohlSoft Community - A community site founded by Wohlstand in the year of 2014 as the official community of PGE Project. Later, the forum site got moved from engine.wohlnet.ru (Wohlstand's home server) to wohlsoft.ru. WohlSoft is maintained by Wohlstand and Kevsoft.


Wohlstand's developer page at engine.wohlnet.ru, March 2014

The first site was built in February of 2014'th year as a very simple personal Wohlstand's developer page to indicate progress of his research and initial PGE Editor development work. Since 15'th of February, PGE Forums was founded.

Overview of PGE Forums at 15'th February, 2014

Eventually, main page was turned into PGE Project's main page and all research documetns was been moved into separated page called as "Documents".

To improve the overall international performance, the site was moved from personal Wohlstand's server in Moscow into shared hosting platform at Masterhost. With this, a new domain wohlsoft.ru has been created.

Aproximately in 2016'th year, the site was been reworked: main page was turned into news page; PGE Project page was made as a separated one.

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