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Cat drawing found in the Internet

Join date: 15 February 2014
Real name: Vitaly
Aliases: Wohlstand, Vitaly, nvd5517

Wohlstand, is an owner and creator of the PGE Project. Engineer, musician, and programmer.


"Wohlstand" - is a German word, translated as "affluence, prosperity".


Wohlstand got first programming skills in childhood while experimenting with the DOS batch files.

While he studying in school he got a music knowledge and skills with recorder flute and later with accordion. He uses his music skills in making of MIDI files with the old version of Cakewalk Sonar. Later he started to learn HTML, JavaScript and ASP of Sambar Server with C-Script language, and later PHP. When he joined into university in the 2010'th year, he also got the C++ skills and knowledge while styding process.



Hedgewars - is a turn-based strategy game made by UnC0Rr. Before he was found it in Wikipedia, Wohlstand was playing in the Worms World Party with friends on his laptop. Wohlstand joined into Hedgewars community where he was met new friends and colleagues. Wohlstand wrote a chat bot for Hedgewars server after his friend Terror wrote a first Hedgewars chat bot on FreePascal. Later a similar bots were written in Python by Firefox2013, by Fanat and in Java by S.D.. Wohlstand contributing to Hedgewars project with helping with some tests and content: he made a localized voice pack in the Russian language, made some tests with Hedgewars Server and made attempt to port a frontend application from Qt4 to Qt5.


On November 12, 2013, while he looking for random pictures about Mario Universe he was found a demo version of developing Sarasaland Adventure 2 game by Otabo and later he got a Sarasaland Adventure 1 game on the same This is a day when he learned about SMBX game engine. Later while he got too much slow game process, lags and bugs, he tried to find the author of project - Redigit, but he also learns about the abandonment of SMBX development in the 2011'th year. Later he has started a big project of the game engine which will be fully compatible with old and will be faster, more stable, more flexible and cross-platform like Hedgewars game - a favorite Wohlstand's game. First Wohlstand's announcement about starting of PGE Project was posted as the comment under old SMBX trailer in the YouTube.

PGE Project

Wohlstand founded PGE Project in February 2013 but he hasn't started development because he was work with first researching of SMBX tech which most important for the development process. When he completed research work of SMBX, he has started development of Editor. Wohlstand was opened site and forums where he invited his old friends from Hedgewars: Nexia(sparkles), Fanat, Firefox2013 and also h2643 joined as a first forum administrator. In April Wohlstand met with Kevsoft which now is Co-Developer of the common project.


LunaDLL is the name given of the hex hack of SMBX made by Kil. Wohlstand collected sources of the library on his server, but later Kevsoft got a desire to improve it with adding of Lua scripting system. Unlike Autocode, Lua is a full featured script language library which providing flexible scripting system. Later Wohlstand and Kevsoft have added SDL2_mixer library which improving music and sound playback in the SMBX and also adding support of new music formats.