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Joe Waschl ;D

Join date: 26 April 2014
Real name: Kevin
Aliases: Kevsoft, KevinW1998

Kevsoft likes programming! He is the Co-Developer and German translator of PGE Project. Besides that he also extendes LunaDLL with Lua (Lua is like a programming lanuage) to make SMBX more awesome.


Kevsoft began to program in QBasic when he was 10 years old. With the knowledge of basic programming he started two years later with Java. With Java he was able to program Bukkit-Plugins which he eventually released. After that he got into C++ where he now actively develops PGE and LunaDLL.


Since the 11th of November 2018 Kevsoft has is own personal blog:


  • He loves Windows for the shell extension
  • He hates Windows when his shell extensions don't work.
  • He learned to love C++ and lua.