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This article is about NSMBX developed by Core. For the canceled NSMBX by Marco Benacchio, see Super Mario Bros: Remastered.

Super Mario ReInvent


NSMBX 1.0 (by Core) main menu

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
Initial release: April 2020
Latest version: 1.0p2 (13 May 2020)
End of life:
Coded in: C++, lua
Code model: Open source
License: MIT License
State: In active development
Download: Forum Thread
Source code: GitHub (Resources, Launcher), and the old version
Official site:

Super Mario ReInvent (formerly known as New Super Mario Bros. X) is an open-source Mario fan-game currently developed by Core. It is a fork of TheXTech, a C++ port of the original Super Mario Bros. X, and backward-compatible to these engines.


The development of an original NSMBX was started by Marco Benacchio on June 2011 as one of the earliest attempts to create a SMBX successor.[1] Later it was renamed to Super Mario Bros. X Remastered due to a naming controversy.[2] On January 2012, it was announced that the project would become open-source[3][4], however, within the same month it ended up being abandoned.[5]


Following the publication and porting of SMBX's source-code, Core revived NSMBX in April 2020 by moving the development over to TheXTech's engine.[6]

On December 2020 Core advises that the project would be moved to Lua using LÖVE 2D [7]


Windows and macOS

Download Links are available in the NSMBX thread on the SMBX forums.


Currently, to get NSMBX on Linux, you either have to use Wine, or you need to build it yourself[8].

To do the latter, install the following dependencies:

sudo apt install git mercurial cmake gcc g++ build-essential libsdl2-dev ninja-build

Download and unpack this Archive. Then run:




Super Mario Bros. X