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This page is about SMBX by 38A. For other uses, see SMBX (Disambiguation).

Super Mario Bros. X by 38A


Main menu of game

Developer: 5438A38A
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Linux/OS-X under Wine
Initial release: 2015'th year,
as version 1.4.
Latest version: 1.4.5 (July 4, 2019)
1.4.5-p31.1 (December 23, 2020)
Latest testing:
End of life:
Coded in: Visual Basic 6
Code model: Closed Source
License: Freeware
State: Abandoned[1]
Download: Download SMBX by 38A
Source code:
Official site: SMBX at Baidu Tieba

Super Mario Bros. X by 38A (known as "SMBX-38A" and "SMBX 1.4") - is a Mario fan game engine, written by 5438A38A as an unofficial successor to the original Super Mario Bros. X by Redigit. The game is written in Visual Basic 6 (VB6). Before November 2015, SMBX 1.4.1 was considered to be fake until Kevsoft and Wohlstand found it and successfully installed it on their computers.

This engine is widely-used by Chinese Players.


In 2013'th year, the Baidu Tieba user 5438A38A had told that the reason for SMBX 1.3 usage has much smaller significance than the development of a new game version, and he had announced the beginning of the "SMBX 1.4" development.

The SMBX-38A v1.4.0 Editor, Overview, 2015'th year
The SMBX-38A v1.4.0 Editor, TeaScript Editor, 2015'th year

The first version was been released in 2015'th year and was been published at the Baidu Tieba.[2] [3] Initially the game was available in China only, and was being hard to download outside China and wasn't working on a non-Chinese computer. The first introduction for the SMBX-38A happened on September 13, 2015, when Snoopy Tour has made a post with a link to Baidu where the "SMBX 1.4.1" was published, but people are not beloved him (Everyone thought it was one another "SMBX 1.4" that was most known for being a fake around YouTube). Kevsoft tried to find a download link and finally found it, downloaded a recent build from Baidu Pan, and tried to test it on Windows 7 x64, but failed. When he sent this build to Wohlstand, he found a way to run it in Windows XP using virtual box[4]. Later Wohlstand contacted the original author and cooperated with him. Since that time, the SMBX-38A got been finally fixed to work on any computers in the world and developed popularity in the international community becoming a powerful competitor to the SMBX 1.3 and even to the SMBX2. Because the official SMBX community staff rejected the dedication of the place for SMBX-38A discussions, the official place for the SMBX-38A got the "home" at the WohlSoft Forums at the SMBX section.

The SMBX-38A v1.4.4 Editor, Overview, 2017'th year

During the 2016 and 2017'th years, people were found a lot of hidden features and easter eggs in the game: people were needed to solve the challenge or a bunch of math problems to get access to the hidden feature as a reward.[5]

Later, in 2018'th year, the Kevsoft the user has made the "Haxagon" utility[6][7] that got been used to crack in-game easter eggs easily (worked on 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 versions). This fact angered 5438A38A[8], and he added the next text as a response to the fact the game was hacked:

As a response to cheaters...

  1. The released date of smbx 1.4.5 will be postponed indefinitely, depending on my mood.
  2. The hidden functions will be completely remove in smbx 1.4.5, if you map used these features, you map will be broken.
  3. No documents(changlogs, script help file, example levels etc.) will be offer in smbx 1.4.5.
  4. The source code will never be published.

Why did this happen?

   "You can use ANY accessible tools or methods to beat this game, including calculators, search engines and other people. However, cheat engine or so-called 'debuggers' are NOT allowed."
  1. I didn't get any profits from this project.
  2. A lots people ignore my rules of bug reporting and feature suggestions.
  3. They paid no price and made no contributions and make a ton of suggestions.
  4. I add minigames as a punishment, but some people hacked it.
  5. So this is the result.
The SMBX-38A v1.4.5 Editor, Overview, 2020'th year
The SMBX-38A v1.4.5 Editor, World map testing, 2020'th year

In 2019'th year the new version for SMBX-38A 1.4.5 was out. The most of hidden features in this version were converted into normal functions and integrated into GUI. It got the majorly refactored GUI with a different overlay than attempting to repeat the SMBX 1.3 at the past version. This version got the most of the bugfix patches were out after release. People started to research it and got found various hidden offensive hints such as "crack me" inside the executable file.

In the state of December 2021, 5438A38A didn't appear online and there was no news after he released his latest patch "31.1" on the 23rd of December 2020. Therefore, the current state of the project is now unknown: does he actively works on the project, or he has completely abandoned it in favor of his other projects and his life?

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP/7/8.1/10 or 11, or Windows XP on VirtualBox with support of Direct X and enabled 2D and 3D acceleration support!
    • SMBX-38A will work on Linux or on Mac with Wine, but you need to install the Direct X 9 and VisualBasic 6 Runtime (MSVBVM6). It is recommended that you use PlayOnLinux or PlayOnMac with the latest 32-bit version of Wine, but SMBX-38A works without it.
  • Direct X 9 support
Notice Important note: If you run the game through Wine at the Monjaro or at any other Arch Linux-family operating system, you should install the lib32-libxcomposite package, otherwise, game won't render anything at all

Command line syntax (since January 21, 2016)

A new update of SMBX-38A 1.4.2 allows you to launch an episode or level test from the command line. (Also via drag&drop of the file into smbx.exe or associating ".wld" and ".lvl" files with executable.)

Notice Note: Since 1.4.3 there is a new command-line syntax!

Command syntax:

smbx.exe [path mode p1id p2id args]


  • Path of level-/world-file or world-folder.


  • from 0 to 4:
    • 0 - 1p mode (input: lvl)
    • 1 - 2p mode (input: lvl) / Load save 1 (input: wld/map)
    • 2 - battle mode (input: lvl) / Load save 2 (input: wld/map)
    • 3 - Start Game Engine with inputted worlds-folder (input: directory) / Load save 3 (input: wld/map)
    • 4 - Start Level Editor and load inputted level/world (input: lvl/wld)

p1id, p2id

  • from 1 to 5:
    • 1 - Mario
    • 2 - Luigi
    • 3 - Peach
    • 4 - Toad
    • 5 - link

args (for developers)

  • "SMBXArgs|hp,co,sr|p1p,p1i,p2p,p2i|levelname,cppid,cpidn" [***urlencode!***] (the whole string should be URL-encoded)
    • hp = initial 1up number
    • co = initial coins number
    • sr = initial score
    • p1p = player1's state
    • p1i = player1's mount
    • p2p = player2's state [1~12]
    • p2i = player2's mount [-3~8]
    • levelname = level's filename(same as "GGI|GM"'s levelname) [***urlencode!***] (this should be URL-encoded separately, no matter that an entire SMBXArgs line is also URL-encoded)
    • cppid = checkpoint's perm ID
    • cpidn = checkpoint's advset value

examples for SMBX-38A v1.4.2 (outdated)

Launch a test of the "test.lvl" in a battle mode with Mario and Luigi:

smbx.exe "d:\smbx\worlds\test.lvl" 2 1 2

Launch a test of the "anoying-place.lvl" in a 1 players mode with Toad:

smbx.exe "d:\smbx\worlds\anoying-place.lvl" 1 4 0

Launch a test of the world.wld with save 1 and with 1 player mode, with Mario:

smbx.exe "worlds\the invasion 2\world.wld"

Launch a test of the world.wld with save 1 and with 2 player mode, with Peach and Mario:

smbx.exe "worlds\the invasion 2\world.wld" 1 3 1

Launch a test of the world.wld with save 1 and with 1 player mode, with Link:

smbx.exe "worlds\the invasion 2\world.wld" 1 5 0

Version History

Notice Important note: SMBX-38A version 1.4 and 1.4.1 have a strong imperfection that requires you to toggle your locale into Chinese (on the non-Chinese operating systems). Otherwise, the game will crash with a Runtime 13 error. These versions use Direct X 8 and will not work on Windows Vista because it completely lacks it. You need to run the game as admin to grant it automatically register necessary COM servers in the presented DLLs.

SMBX-38A 1.4 (64)

This is the first version of the game released in the 2015'th year. It was been uploaded by Slash-18 on May 24, 2021, at the Discord server.

SMBX-38A 1.4.1 (65)

This is the first version of the game that got widely available outside China.

SMBX-38A 1.4.2 (66)

Notice Note: Since this version, you are no longer need to toggle your locale into Chinese, and you are no longer need to run the game as admin.

SMBX-38A 1.4.3 (67)

SMBX-38A 1.4.4 (68)

SMBX-38A 1.4.5 (69)

Notice Note: All archives below in this list has the password 'smbx38a' due antiviruses false positives



Random Crash

SMBX-38A has a Random Crash with "Runtime Error 9: Subscript out of Range".

Liquid Crash for 1.4.4p2

Runtime Error occurs when player enter liquid zone, without an NPC in a level.

Distorted Sound (Wine)

Wine Registry Editor

Depending on the system, running SDL2MixerVB.dll via Wine may produce a distorted audio output. There are two workarounds for this.

The first is changing the SDL audiodriver to winmm, which can be done by entering "wine regedit" in a terminal, navigating to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\, adding a new String Value SDL_AUDIODRIVER and modifying it to winmm.

The second is using a version of SDL2MixerVB.dll built on SDL 2.0.8. It can be downloaded here.

D-Pad doesn't work

In some cases, SMBX-38A may not recognize D-Pad inputs, but Analog inputs will still work. antimicro and xboxdrv can work around this issue.

1.4.5 Related

NPC Code

  • It doesn't load custom NPC codes after player dies when an episode using "Restart last level on death".


  • It doesn't pack custom GFX together when there're only one.
  • Only count one Star for multiple levels.

sysval() function

  • Self-add/subtract operation doesn't exist anymore (+=, -=).

Hub Level Saving

  • You can't save when hub level filename contains uppercase characters.

Difference from other engines

  • SMBX-38A has the exclusive encrypt feature (such as MarioPacker, Encrypting Levels, etc.), which can be protected by players.
  • After opening SMBX 1.3 level, all of the original format (e.g. Level format, Graphics format) will be automatically converted into SMBX-38A's exclusive format.
  • Hammer Bro's throwing duration is random.
  • Doesn't play sound effect in the world map.


There's a typo in the control settings: it should be "First" instead of "frist".



Super Mario Bros. X