Nostalgic Paradise

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Nostalgic Paradise

Title Screen

Developer: Yingchun Soul
Required TheXTech
1.3.6 or later
Initial release: Beta 0.1 (2022-04-04)
Latest version: 0.2, "Grassland Prototype" (2022-09-13)
End of life:
Style: SMAS SMB1
License: Fair Use
State: Released
Download: Download Link
Official page: Thread

Nostalgic Paradise is a TheXTech Asset which features SMAS SMB1-styled Theme.


  • Fully 16-bit SMB1-styled theme
  • Remixed and Tracker Music

Planned Features

Version 0.3

Divide by two different versions, Red resembles SMAS SMB1, Green resembles Mario Forever.

Demo Episode Plot

Player starts a nostalgic adventure. He/she will be rushed out 10 stages. Princess Peach can be rescued after finish player's quest (10-4), similiar as original SMB1.
Currently, you can play full walkthrough of chapter 1.

Known Issues

  • Currently, in-game editor is incompatible with this asset due to it isn't SMBX64 standard.
    • For Example: Requires SMBX64 Hack for custom sized blocks, music names doesn't use music.ini, etc.
  • Some effects (e.g. Bombs, etc.) and default side of effects are hardcoded, so it can't be displayed correctly.
  • Due to TheXTech's limitation, there aren't enough slot to add new objects, and can't replace new NPCs due to lack of LUA script system.
  • Some of blocks require SMBX64 Hack, as the size is hardcoded. Therefore it can only be placed correctly by using Moondust Editor.



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