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Moondust Standard is a technical standard based on the SMBX64 format, and is the main standard of the Moondust Project. This standard contains file formats, references, and item architectures. The standard was made by Wohlstand in the middle of 2014. Unlike SMBX64, this standard is extremely flexible: you can define any number of supported items by creating custom configuration packages, and you can modify any algorithms and settings without restrictions or limits. The main unit of Moondust Standard is a configuration package.

Standard History

July 17 2014: Wohlstand created first template of LVLX file format, which was the first part of the Moondust Standard.

File Formats

Moondust Standard uses tree based with marking of values the PGE-X data format.

.LVLX - level file format. (Extended Level file)
Download specification: ODT, PDF

.WLDX - world map file format. (Extended World map file)
Download specification: ODT, PDF

Content formats


Moondust graphics use the PNG format built-in transparency, but retains compatibility with old SMBX64 masked GIF format.

Musics and sounds

Default audio data uses the OGG file format. Custom music can be in other formats, however, such as: OGG, WAV, VOC, MID, MP3, FLAC, 669, AMF, AMF, APUN, DSM, FAR, GDM, IT, IMF, MOD, MED, MTM, OKT, S3M, STM, STX, ULT, UNI, XM.


Unlike SMBX64, Moondust Standard allows for full customization of game content and the algorithms of items. You can replace any Blocks, BGO, NPC, Tiles, Sceneries, Paths and Level points with images of any size. You are also able to reconfigure settings of customized items, like a block's collision properties or the coefficients and type of background parallax (multi-layered background scrolling).