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Moondust Music Player

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Player window

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Initial release:
Latest version: 1.2
End of life:
Coded in: C++
Code model:
License: GNU GPLv3
Download: Moondust Project
Source code: GitHub
Official site:

Moondust MusPlay - a small tool which is a simple music player which works over SDL Mixer X music library and supports all audio and music formats supported by this library. This player was made by Wohlstand to debug the SDL Mixer X library, but has been included as a official component of the Moondust Project.


  • Ability to play files from command line (association of files with PGE MusPlay is allowed).
  • Single application - attempt to open a second copy of player causes nothing, except if you tried to open another file via drag-and-drop to application file or from command line, currently opened player will change track to newly requested
  • Dropped files into the player window will be played
  • Extra controls (for game music formats like NSF, HES, etc., for MIDI Files) are supported to set a track of NSF, HES, GBM, etc. files or toggle MIDI Synthesiser or its bank and properties.
  • Ability to record a currently loaded song into a WAV file with ability edit later, remix, reconvert it into other audio formats.
  • Context menu where you are able to toggle on/off a reverb effect (experimentally, and planned to be added as a feature into Moondust Engine).


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