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Mario, often referred to as "Super Mario", is the main character in his games, the famous mascot of Nintendo, and one of the playable characters in Super Mario Bros. X.


Mario first appeared in the arcade game Donkey Kong under the name "Jumpman". In Donkey Kong Jr., also an arcade game, he got the name "Mario", and that name has been used ever since.

Mario, as he appears in Super Mario Bros. X.


Nowadays, Mario is often said to be a plumber. However, throughout his games he has had a few different occupations. For example:

In-game, Mario's plumbing abilities are usually rarely used, though there are remarks about him being plumber.

Mario is also a famous hero, due to his adventures. Most notably, he has saved the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach, from the clutches of his archenemy Bowser countless of times.


Various characters, and their relationship to Mario.
Person Satus Additional notes
Bowser Archenemy
Luigi Brother
Pauline Love-interest (Only in Donkey Kong

and in the Mario VS Donkey Kong


Princess Peach Love-interest
Wario Nemesis
Waluigi Enemy

In the RPG games within the franchise (Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario series), Mario gets various side-kicks. These are usually nothing more than friends to him.

In SMBX episodes, his relationship to various character can of course vary, but usually characters like Bowser is Mario's enemy and Peach is a friend/love-interest.

Powers and abilities

Mario is a human, and his only power is his incredible jumping ability (one could also add stamina to this list, as most games let's the player run around as much as they like). However, through various "Power-Ups", he can gain additional powers like being able to fly, throw fire balls and even become invincible.


The traditional Mario game is a linear 2D side-scroller, featuring eight or more worlds, all with a different theme. There are also a few games set in a 3D game, using mostly the same formula.

There are many spin-offs, such as the Mario Party and Mario Kart series of games.

Mario makes cameos in various other Nintendo games outside the Mario franchise, as a side character or as an easter egg. For example, in the NES game Punch-Out Mario appears as the referee. As an easter egg, he also appears in some other non-Nintendo titles.

In Super Mario Bros. X

In Super Mario Bros. X, he operates as normal. He sports his look used in Super Mario Bros. 3 (the All-Stars version) Out of all the playable characters, he is the most well rounded with an average speed, jump height etc. He possesses the ability to spin-jump to break certain blocks, and to avoid getting hurt by some enemies, like Spineys and Thwomps (the spin-jump loses momentum and doesn't go as high as the regular jump however).

Unlike modern Mario games, if Mario takes a hit while he is, for example, Fire Mario, he turns into regular small Mario (as he did in the original Super Mario Bros.), while Mario games nowadays revert him to his Super (big) Mario state.


  • In SMBX, writing the cheat code itsamemario turns you into Mario, if you are playing as another character.[1]