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WARNING: Autocode is OUTDATED!!!
Autocode is Outdated, NEVER use it!! Use LunaLua instead!!

LunaDLL Autocode is the language used by LunaDLL to execute simple commands. These commands are written in a "assembly-like" language and saved in a file "lunadll.txt" located in the custom folder, and also save the file in the main projects folder "lunaglobal.txt" which executes these codes in every level. Autocode is not Turing complete language and lacks many generic and common features.

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  • True Autocode is the name of a family of "simplified coding systems", later called programming languages, devised in the 1950s and 1960s for a series of digital computers at the Universities of Manchester, Cambridge and London. Kil wasn't knew that when gave name for it's scripting language in original LunaDLL.