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Platforms: SMBX on Windows
Latest version: 8.0
Coded in: C++
State: Deprecated, continued as LunaLua
Source code:
Official site:

LunaDLL is the name of the hex hack of SMBX that gives it the ability to process Autocode TXT scripts.

Kil has written an LunaDLL Tutorial.


In 9th of May, 2013, a user named kil3 released a hack of SMBX which expands the possibilities of what you can do with SMBX.

Later, he named this hack "LunaDLL". With the help of a DLL injection, he forces SMBX to load his code from the DLL he created. In the early versions, there was two hooks: one hook when the level loads and one hook for every frame in a level. With its scripting language, you can make your own modifications.


  • Levels can be enhanced with scripts, allowing for previously impossible modifications.
  • Simplifies task that was previously hard.
  • Total control over the game.