Hidden Functions (TeaScript)

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This is a list of possible functions or other attributes to TeaScript that are currently unknown. All known info must be documented here. If something has gone from unknown to documented, please move the attribute to the correct wiki page and remove it from here.

Unknown Keywords


Editor Scripts

Unknown how to use this. 5438A38A has confirmed it's possible to use these to recreate a search and replace function. It may be possible to not only create blocks, but events and variables too via these scripts?


  • Possible functions for editor scripts.
  • Every class object has a sys form. Possible config method for objects?

1.4.4 leftovers

  • Upon dumping the strings list in 1.4.5, the names of various shader-related functions have been carried over from version 1.4.4, but do not work when called as functions.
  • Strings referencing the Player GFX Offset Editor, custom fonts, and various other 1.4.4. exclusive features can also be found if the user opens various windows and then proceeds to open the language configuration.

Perhaps there's a way to enable these again through hacking?

Unidentified names for classes

There are currently plenty of identifiers in a few classes that either have no effect or have an effect that is yet to be discovered.

  • Char class
    • scriptid
  • NPC class
    • langle
    • stimer
  • Sysval class
    • npcstyle
    • disablesysconstreset
    • enableinertiafornpc
    • shellcanhitblockside
    • machinecode