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Internal editor of SMBX
PGE Editor in the classic sub-windows mode
PGE Editor in the modern tab-view mode

Here is be a table of main features and information about level and world map editors.

feature SMBX internal editor PGE Editor
Selection Drag one item with switching into placing mode Multiselection with moving groups of items, also with "no collision" thing you can place items over each other
  • Single items only (brush)
  • Flood-fill (level blocks only)
  • Single-placing (brush)
  • Rectangle draw
  • Line draw
  • Flood fill
  • Placing with overwrite mode
  • Sizable blocks
  • drawing be rectangle drawing
  • Sizable blocks are can be easily resized.
Clipboard None Supports copy, cut, and paste actions for blocks, BGOs, NPC,s PhysEnvZones(water) in the level editor, and Tiles, Sceneries, Paths, Musicboxes, Level points in the world map editor.
Position bookmarks None Yes (camera position will be remembered and you will be able quickly return to same position)
Advanced actions None
  • Flip
  • Rotate
  • Align selected items
  • Duplicating/switching pick-up of item to place with middle mouse button
Layers You can't drag layers in the list. If you sort or rename them, connections will be lost (this includes events and attaching NPCs!) You can drag layers in the list for make them more ordered, and when you rename the layer, connections will be saved
Events Renaming of event causing lose of connections. To define the settings by event you should edit settings of current section and you will "capture" them into event, after them you can edit section settings back You also can drag events in list, and renaming of event SAVING ALL CONNECTIONS. Also you shoundn't edit section settings to define "Change settings" event. You can define any section settings in the same event without changing of current section settings.
ItemBox Static tileset UI-integrated item-box. All settings switches in one item box, you can't edit tilesets. You have list-styled item box with filter search and editable tileset item box for your combos of items. All tilesets is an INI files in the configuration package.
Properties and settings of items To edit settings of one item you should drag them from map and place again after changing of the settings. You can call context menu to edit some settings and you can edit full settings by "Properties box". You CAN add selected items into layer or you can create new layer for selected items.
Warps You can only place warp points with its settings. List of warps is hidden. Entry-style warps. You have list of available warps in the level. To place warp points, you should create warp entry for them. Available to jump between warp points, open target level file, also you can choice target point from world map directly to create "warp to world".
Resizing of items Is not available, you should remove item and place again with new size settings. You can resize item in the interactive mode by moving of corner/side grabbers to define new size of item.
Screenshots Current view port only. You can export into the image file a whole section of the level or selected range of the world map.
Custom GFX Sizes Image sizes of the custom graphics should have same size which have original sprite. You can use images with any sizes as custom graphics for your items. Item sizes will be captured from image size dynamically.
Render of alpha-channel "AND" color mixing algorithm for make transparency images. Semi-transparency images will have color glitches. Support of the Alpha-channel. Semi-transparent images will be rendered correctly without any glitches.
Scrolling Arrow keys only Arrow keys, Mouse Wheel, Scroll bar scrolling.
Position saving Position will be reset when you switch section Position for each section will be saved and will be restored when you will switch in the section back. If you lost in the big space, you can return back by compass button.
Zoom None Alt-key and mouse-wheel for zoom in/out
Animation Will always play Possible to disable/enable animations
Viewing size Fixed 800x600 px Variable, equal to window size, can be resized.
Multi Document Interface (MDI) One file only Multiple files.
Open file From "Open" dialog only
  • From "Open" dialog,
  • By drag&drop into editor,
  • Open from command line (is able to associate files with editor).
History manager None Undo/Redo almost any actions: place, remove, move, change settings, modify, resize.
Displaying objects in blocks Blinking coins/NPCs in the blocks. In some cases can be shown incorrectly. Semi-transparent coins/NPCs in the blocks, aligned center-by-center.
Extra indication None
  • Generator direction arrows
  • Pipe entrance/exit direction arrows
  • Counter of coins in the block
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