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We are a free international community of developers, graphical designers, musicians, gamers and ordinary people. We are working for creativity, fun, and entertainment. Here you can learn more detail information about our community and our history.

Our main communities

  • WohlSoft - Our main community, founded by Wohlstand in 2014'th year. Previously known as PGE Community. The Community is based on the PGE Forums.
  • Talkhaus - Community by Raocow - a popular Let's Player on YouTube. Specifying on ROM hacking of various console and desktop games. The Community is based on the Talkhaus forums.
  • Community - Oldest community, founded by Redigit as a community of Mario Fan Gamers in middle of the 2009'th year which later called as SMBX Community. After SMBX project was taken down and original forums were being destroyed, the community moved to the temporary forum by Knux. Some years later, Joey and Valtteri are building a new forums and site for SMBX which now is the current base of The SMBX Community.

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