Moondust/PGE Project v0.4.3 has been released!

Happy holidays everyone!

Following the beta release in February, this is a more stable snapshot release.

This release can be thought of as an edge between the past and the future: Following this release I plan to place full focus on Moondust/PGE's Engine development. I'm sure that the experience we've gained while developing the X-Tech project will come in handy a lot from here on.

Download latest release at the official home page!


Common 0.4.3

  • Native support for the MSYS2 build environment via script
  • Added config pack ID key for managing the compatibility between different runtime engines and universes
  • New icons by Tails608
  • Added a new component called "PaletteFilter"!

Engine 0.3.3-dev

  • Fixed crash on missing player animation sequence
  • Added support for Android
  • Added protection from an excessively high frame speed which may appear due to incorrect v-sync settings in video driver settings
  • Fixed incorrect animation setup after height change via user's NPC.txt configs
  • Added Data() class into Lua API to store any custom data in-game save
  • Fixed incorrect utf8 processing of translation data
  • Fixed unstable glyph length value in the message box with mixed TTF and raster fonts
  • Added French translation by NathanBnm
  • New icons by Tails608
  • Added ability for the proper detection of custom resources on case sensitive file systems

Editor 0.3.2

  • Added support for an element (Block, BGO, NPC), section, and level-wide Extra Settings
  • The config pack can now specify the default file format
  • When SMBX64 formats are default, the strict mode is turned on in untitled files
  • Added Chinese translation by 快乐爱的小精灵
  • Added a safer file saving strategy
  • Fixed the imperfection that allows using level file selector in the untitled world map file
  • Added an ability to hide or disable certain field or feature from the config pack
  • Added Dutch translation by Gameinsky
  • LunaTester now is cross-platform and no more needs a 32-bit Editor on Windows for work (LunaLoader-exec.exe module is required)
  • Fixed unneeded special values reset for NPCs
  • Fixed incorrect animation setup after height change via user's NPC.txt configs
  • Fixed a clumping of elements inside the Tileset Editor
  • Added separated music boxes toolbox for world map
  • On Linux and macOS is no more need to try restart Editor twice after the crash: a single try should start Editor normally
  • Added NPC config pack option to disable "Auto-Increment" support for custom values of spin-box type
  • Fixed inability to change the special value by level/episode custom NPC INI config file
  • Added hotkeys for "Create New": Ctrl+N for levels; Alt+N, M for world maps; and Alt+N, N for NPC configs; Ctrl+Shift+N will spawn a menu to select a type of file to create
  • Fixed an incorrect NPC frame shown as the new-placing cursor phantom
  • Improved UI of Tileset Editor
  • Added scroll area into Tileset Editor's scene to allow use it on smaller monitors
  • Added a grid drawing in the Tileset Editor's scene
  • Fixed confusion of world map scenery order while going through editing history or copy-pasting
  • Fixed unnecessary music enabling bug on a world map
  • Added "is-meta-object" element option in a config pack to hide elements from exported images or the game entirely
  • Added French translation by NathanBnm
  • Reworked a testing sub-system to make it more modular
  • Added a level testing integration with the TheXTech engine
  • The LunaTester has been reworked: now it's fully asynchronous and much more stable. It works with full backward compatibility with a bunch of LunaLua versions: tested with next toolchains: LunaLua-SMBX (LunaLua, SMBX2 Beta3, SMBX2 MAGLX3/PAL, and SMBX2 Beta4. For Beta3 and older it needs to put a "LunaLoader-exec.exe" module to make a testing work.
  • Fixed an incorrect logic of a theme loading and switching mechanism
  • Fixed an ignore of locks for item types by an eraser
  • Extended a context menu of level and world map surface
  • Appearance improvements for the crash handler dialog
  • Added a level testing integration with the SMBX-38A engine
  • Added ability to change the font size
  • Added support for alternative Editor images and animations (config pack entry settings with "editor-" prefix)
  • Added the support for item icons (alternative pictures shown in tilesets and item lists)
  • Added camera grid for a preset grid for visualizing screens worth of a level
  • Added the "select all" item search option
  • Added the "Current section only" and the "Search in selection group" item search criteria
  • Improved the work of an unused resources clean-up tool
  • Fixed the logic of a resource importer that was broken a long time ago
  • New icons by Tails608
  • The background image selection menu has been reworked
  • Added the dark color theme which can be switched to in application settings (thanks to Enjl for partially helping out here)
  • Fixed the wrong alignment of items after redoing a paste
  • Fixed a bug caused by the middle mouse button bring pressed while placing mode in the process
  • Changed the logic of the eraser tool: it will not show a selection rectangle and will act more friendly and simpler
  • Added the missing layer visibility changing history tracking action
  • Fixed an inability to override the grid offset by custom INI file
  • Fixed an incorrect displaying of warp point direction arrows for two-way warps
  • Replaced arrow pictures used for a warp point direction arrows with triangles to prevent overlapping by arrow tails
  • Added ability for the proper detection of custom resources on case sensitive file systems
  • Added the Music Setup dialog for easier configure of MIDI and chiptune music
  • Notify when a 32-bit Editor is running on a 64-bit Windows operating system

Known bugs:

  • Changing the palette in some cases will not be updated properly. A restart of the Editor will be needed to properly apply changes.
  • Changing the palette into default will not restore the default UI style and Fusion will be used. A restart of the Editor will be needed to properly apply changes.

Playable characters Calibrator v2.3

  • Begin the changelog
  • Behavior now is more user-friendly: automation, question boxes, menus, etc.
  • Added the full inheritance support for calibrations: custom calibration INI files since now can have the partial set that can be auto-filled from the default settings
  • Added the support for SMBX-38A calibrations format, embedded into level files


Music Player v1.4.2

  • Added tempo change slider (will work for some formats only)
  • Added tooltip to display current volume value while sliding volume by mouse
  • On Linux and macOS, it's no longer required to attempt to restart MusPlay twice after a crash: a single attempt should now start MusPlay again normally
  • File association now works on Linux
  • Music looping control: added ability to set loop to 1, 2, 3 times or keep loop forever
  • Added position and panning effects controlling for SFX testing
  • Added Audio Settings to change sample rate, format, and count of channels
  • Added an ability to change Timidity config path on the fly
  • Added an ability to change FluidSynth SF2 path on the fly
  • Added an ability to change the audio output on Windows


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