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Post #1by MyNameIsEric52 » 4 Nov 2017, 15:49

Hey, its me - Eric52. Im pretty sure most people of community remembers this post - .
Yes, its made by Spinda. At first, when i was 9-10 years old, i didnt really understood the full sense of this post (probably because of my english-knowing). Now, i want to say something about Spinda. I can, right? If he made a post about me, then i have a rule to say something about him.
Did HE improved?

I don't really think he's improved. He didn't really changed since his old post regarding me. I talked recently with him, and i want to say something. Well, first..
I laughed so hard, after i readed our dialog in discord. Why? Let me explain. As always, i wanted to be unbanned from smbx forums. Well, i decided to ask him to unban me, since he is a mod. And after some messages, he said, that all our dialouge proves, that im so bad, that i still didn't improved.
Well, what does that mean? That all the time i was bad and rude? That all of time i tried to ask questions - i was bad? No. And that leads me to thought, that Spinda "bypasses" some stereotypes. So i want to say, that asking the questions isn't bad always. I meant, whats so bad that i asked you to unban me? I don't have a rule to ask you?
Does HE deserves a role "Modderator"

Surprisingly, but yes. But he still needs to improve. He should understand whats bad, and whats good. And always remember - stereotypes isn't bad always (judging by thing he believes that asking a questions is bad).
Do i agree to his post?

Yes. But probably because i was small and young back then. What would you expect from kid? But yeah, overrall this post is totally true about "young me".
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