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Description: Place for SMBX-38A levels. You can also post them here.
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Post #1by Lx Xzit » 28 Aug 2016, 1:34

Levels Forum Rules:

With the purpose to keep everything in order, we have prepared a few rules that you should to have in mind when posting a level. If any of these rules are not followed, it will result on your topic getting locked.

    1. You need to post at least one screenshot or video of your level: so that, people can get a better idea of what kind of level they are treating and decide if it's relevant or not. Also please try to avoid giant of tiny screenshots that are uncomfortable to see.

    2. Give a working download link: use a page that not requires registration to download. Try to avoid use Sendspace because the links will break relatively soon.

These rules will apply from today, have them always on mind. By last, enjoy sharing your content!
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