How to: Fixing lazily-made masks with the LazyFixTool console utility

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Post #1by Wohlstand » 30 Jun 2014, 1:09

If you don't know what a "lazily-made" sprite is, for an overview read this

What we all know happens when attempting to use lazily-made masks:

Starting from 0.1 Alpha, the Editor has two new utilities. One of these utilities is the LazyFixTool.

LazyFixTool - is a powerful utility for automatically fixing lazily-made GFXes:
It converts all BMPs into the GIF format, and corrects the mask into a valid image.

This utility can fix all the GFXes of an whole episode in one run!!!


You can also make light-gray masks darker, for using real alpha-channels inside PGE instead of using the pseudo-transparency in SMBX:

Note: this utility makes backups of your current graphics into the "_backup" sub-folder. If you find a glitch, you can restore the old graphics back.

How to use:
This utility fixes all SMBX64 graphics (GIF with mask images) in an selected folder and (optionally) all graphics inside the subfolders.
The mask must be placed WITH its image, as the fixing process is based on calculating broken pixels by comparing between the pixels of both images.
For fixing graphics which are in one folder:

Code: Select all

X:\MyDir\With\PGE-Editor\LazyFixTool C:\SMBX\worlds\episode1\level3

For fixing graphics of an whole episode:

Code: Select all

X:\MyDir\With\PGE-Editor\LazyFixTool C:\SMBX\worlds\episode1 -W

For fixing with gray down of gray-scale masks:

Code: Select all

X:\MyDir\With\PGE-Editor\LazyFixTool C:\SMBX\worlds\episode1\level3 -G

Where X:\MyDir\With\PGE-Editor\ - is the the path to your PGE-Editor's folder, copy it from the address bar and paste it via the context menu
Where C:\SMBX\worlds\episode1\level3 - is the path to your GIFs in the SMBX64 format (with masks), which you want to convert to PNG.
Where -G - switch for making the gray color darker.
Where -W - switch for walking inside all sub-directories.
Where -N - switch for disabling saving of backups.

You can see more features of this utility, if you simply run it without the arguments

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