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Official Moondust Discord server for PGE Project is open!

Posted: 30 Aug 2020, 22:17
by Wohlstand
Hi there!

I'm here to announce to you that since now we have the own Discord server!

Feel free to join out Server:
--> <--

Welcome to us!

Please read chat rules before you can see everything on the server!

For a free talkative in a native (if English is a not your native language) language, we have #general-russian, #general-chinese, #general-japanese, #general-spanish, #general-polski rooms.

Join us! ;-)

Any questions and suggestions you can post here!

Posted: 31 Aug 2020, 20:55
I'm one of some great people in this server and I can said, that it is very fun and not boring. Funny memes, channels and many more makes me back to this server. You don't believe? Check it. It's free. :) ;-)