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Post #1by Squishy Rex » 3 Sep 2014, 12:00

Super Mario Bros. X Online Play - Tutorial by Valtteri

1. Port forwarding and Hamachi.
2. How to play SMBX online.
3. Precautions.

To start with, playing SMBX online is kind of complicated. First of all, it's really buggy. Redigit quit developing SMBX before he could fix all the bugs. Testing the level is nearly impossible because usually most of the players die instantly when the test starts, and when the testing ends, the level clears nearly every time. It also lags a lot, causing e.g. the messages to appear with a ridiculously long delay.

However, the level editing part is mostly fine, especially if none of the players is having major lag. Just save the level as often as possible and hope that the level won't get bugged in the future (That sometimes happens, too. E.g. all the NPCs might disappear randomly, whether you're online or not.).

And now for the tutorial: There are two ways you can play SMBX online (port forwarding and Hamachi), and you can play it either as a client or you can make your own server (port forwarding isn't required if you're playing as a client and the server isn't a Hamachi server). I'm giving you the guidelines for everything.

1. Port forwarding and Hamachi.

To play SMBX online, you will have to either port forward or use Hamachi. Port forwarding is required if you want to create a server without Hamachi. Port forwarding is more complicated, and it also has a small risk of someone hacking your computer. Here's how to do it anyway:

1) How to port forward:
1. Find your IP address. You can see it on this site: It's the row of numbers and dots after the Your IP Address Is.
2. Type/copy-paste your IP address to your URL bar and press Enter.
3. If everything went right, it should ask your password. If you're not the administrator of your computer, you'll need him/her to type in his/her password. It's probably one of your parents. If you are the administrator of your computer, and you don't know the password, it's probably admin.
4. If the password was correct, you should now see a page with some connection information. The page can look like anything depenging on your router. Try to find something related to port forwarding. It can be e.g. a tab.
5. Set port forwarding on. Set the listen port/ports to 31337.
6. Done. Now, I can't help you any further. You can now do the steps in how to play SMBX online. It might work or not. If it won't, then either try again or use Hamachi.

If port forwarding won't work on you, then you can use Hamachi, a hosted virtual private network service. It will always work. I never got port forwarding working, so I use Hamachi. If the server is a Hamachi server, all the players will have to use Hamachi and join the network.

2) How to use Hamachi:
1. To download Hamachi, go on this site:
2. Tick the Conditions of Use on the bottom of the page and press the Download Now button.
3. Save it somewhere.
4. Install it by double-clicking on the installer that you downloaded.
5. Complete the install normally, and don't forget to tick the Create Desktop Icon.
6. Launch Hamachi by double-clicking on the icon that appeared on your desktop during the install.
7. (I have a Finnish Hamachi, so the terms in the next few steps might be slightly different.) Click on Network.
8. You can either create a new network and let the people who you want to play with join it by selecting Create Network or join a network of the people who you want to play with by selecting Join Network.
9. Type in the name of the network and password (if any).
10. Done. You can chat with the people in the network by right-clicking on the network in the Hamachi window and choosing Open Chat. When you play as a client, you'll have to use the Hamachi IP address of the person whose server you're joining. The Hamachi IP address can be seen next to the user's name in the Hamachi window.

Now that you've either port forwarded or you're in a Hamachi network, you can finally get to playing SMBX online.

2. How to play SMBX online:

1. Right-click on the SMBX icon and select Run As Administrator (again, I have a Finnish Windows, so the terms might be a bit different).
2. You'll need the administrator's password if you're not the administrator yourself. It's probably one of your parents. If you're logged in as the administrator, you won't need to type in a password. You'll only need to approve.
3. Wait for the start menu to load and select Level Editor.
4. Wait for the level editor to load and select Online.
5. A disclaimer saying that the online play isn't supported appears. Click OK.
6. Now, you can either join a server (A) or create a server (B). To create a server, first you need to either have port forwarding on or be on a Hamachi network. If someone else is creating the server, you won't need to have port forwarding on, but if the server is a Hamachi server, you will have to join the network.
6.A.1 Tick Client.
6.A.2 Type in the Remote IP Address. That would be the IP address or Hamachi IP address (depending on if you port forwarded or are using Hamachi).
6.A.3 Type in the Port if you know it's not 31337.
6.A.4 Type in the Password (if any).
6.A.5 Type in your Nickname.
6.A.6 Choose your Character.
6.A.7 Choose your Cursor.
6.A.8 Click on Connect.
6.B.1 Tick Server.
6.B.2 Set the Password.
6.B.3 If you don't want to set a password, set Allow Clear to Yes.
6.B.4 Set the Port if you don't want it to be 31337.
6.B.5 Type in your Nickname.
6.B.6 Choose your Character.
6.B.7 Choose your Cursor.
6.B.8 Click on Connect.
7. If everything went right, it should load/create the server and then you should be able to create a level with your friends. You'll see their cursors. You can chat with them by clicking on Online and Chat Window.

3. Precautions.

Read this before starting to work in the online mode:

1. Testing the level sometimes works, but most of the time SMBX crashes, or it's really bugged and might destroy the whole level (so it's recomended to make a backup of it first).
2. Online mode doesn't support Battle mode either.
3. You can't share custom graphics with the people connecting to your server. They'll show up on the host's end, but not on your partners'. At least, to my knowledge this is not possible.

Anyways, the level editing part works fine mostly, so have fun!

I hope this helps. Questions? Ask them here.
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SMBX on-line

Post #2by Bright » 23 Dec 2015, 19:51

If it is to create levels SMBX in online mode, works great, I once created a level with a person in online and gave no error

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work only for 1.3
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