Bowser's Tower Challenge (Moon Edition)

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Bowser's Tower Challenge(10% Completed)

This project is also being made in 1.4 (you can find it here). This project was made originally with 1.4, but I will translate scripts into LunaLua. The major difference between 38A and Moon is that LunaLua is better at placing images, but 38A has NPCs and multiple script events(its not all in one file).This might cause some rooms to be completely different from the original version, and Moon version will have more pictures in the HUD. The screenshots are from the 1.4 version, so there might be a few differences in the screenshots. Also, the font in the screenshots have been fixed.

Bowser's Tower Challenge plot is simple. You've reached Bowser's Tower and you have to climb 100 floors to defeat Bowser. Every 10th floor there is a checkpoint and each set of 10 has a theme. Currently I have translated 10 floors (ROOMS 1 - 50 HAVE BEEN MADE ALREADY, I JUST HAVE TO TRANSLATE THEM). There are many challenges and I hope the finals floors have a nice spark of difficulty and challenge. The challenges can vary from simple "timing puzzles" and will later expand to difficult action rooms.

Please tell me if you find any glitches or errors in rooms 1-10. If you tell me, I will fix them when I update rooms 11-20.


Rooms 1-10
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 5
Room 6
Room 7
Room 8
Room 9
Room 10

Get To The Door Challenge---------------- Reach the elevator. All challenges require to reach the elevator, but this challenge is based on obstacles
8 Red Coins Challenge---------------------- Collect all of the 8 red coins to open the elevator
5 Blue Coins Challenge--------------------- Collect all of the 5 blue coins to open the elevator
Wario-man Challenge----------------------- Collect all the coins to open the elevator
Mario Goes Berserk Challenge------------- Defeat all of the enemies to open the elevator
The Completionist Challenge--------------- Hit every block to open the elevator
Sharing is Caring Challenge----------------- Do not collect any coins or power-ups
Frenemy Challenge-------------------------- Do not hurt any of the enemies
No Time to Waste Challenge----------------Reach the door in the time limit
The Key of Success Challenge--------------Find the key to open the elevator
Survival of the Fittest Challenge------------Survive "x" seconds to open the elevator
2Spooky4Me Challenge-----------------------Don’t get spooked
Boom Boom Clash Challenge-----------------Defeat Boom Boom to open the elevator
Individual Challenges
Rooms 1-10
Room 01 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 02 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 03 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 04 "Mario Goes Berserk Challenge"
Room 05 "The Key of Success Challenge"
Room 06 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 07 "Frenemy Challenge"
Room 08 "8 Red Coins Challenge"
Room 09 "Blue Coins Challenge"
Room 10 "Boom Boom Clash Challenge"
Room 11-20
Room 11 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 12 "5 Blue Coins Challenge"
Room 13 "Wario-man Challenge"
Room 14 "Mario Goes Berserk Challenge"
Room 15 "The Key of Success Challenge"
Room 16 "Mario Goes Berserk Challenge"
Room 17 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 18 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 19 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 20 "Boom Boom Clash Challenge"
Room 21-30
Room 21 "The Completionist Challenge"
Room 22 "No Time to Waste Challenge"
Room 23 "Survival of the Fittest Challenge
Room 24 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 25 "Get To The Door Challenge"
Room 26 "The Key of Success Challenge"
Room 27 "Sharing is Caring Challenge"
Room 28 "8 Red Coins Challenge"
Room 29 "The Key of Success Challenge"
Room 30 "Boom Boom Clash Challenge"

If you see any error or you don't like something on Rooms 1-10, please tell me. Also, if you have your own challenge idea, tell me and I might consider adding it to the game.

Graphics by

Credits to Nitrome
Rest Area-------------------------------------Skywire
Get To The Door Challenge---------------- Toxic
8 Red Coins Challenge----------------------Flipside
5 Blue Coins Challenge--------------------- Cheese Dreams
Wario-man Challenge----------------------- Off the Rails
Mario Goes Berserk Challenge-------------- Double Edge
The Completionist Challenge--------------- Magic Touch
Sharing is Caring Challenge----------------- ChangeType()
Frenemy Challenge-------------------------- Ice Breakers
No Time to Waste Challenge----------------- Super Treadmill
The Key of Success Challenge--------------- Rust Yard
Survival of the fittest Challenge------------ Pixel Pop
2Spooky4Me Challenge------------------------ Tiny Castle
Boom Boom Clash Challenge----------------- Test Subject Blue/ Nitrome Must Die

Download Demo
Bowser's Tower Challenge (Moon Edition)

Bowser's Tower Challenge (38A Edition)
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