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Some "free" music sites

Posted: 3 Apr 2014, 11:25
by nexiana
First of all I want to say that by "free", (as the famous quote goes) I mean freedom, and not as in free beer.

The following are some sites that offer music under "open" licenses. I guess they are already well known, but just to bring it to the notice of anyone who is interested, here they are :

[*] Jamendo - Jamendo calls itself "the largest royalty-free music catalog in the world". All (or most) of the music is licensed under the creative commons licenses.

[*] - has a huge variety of sounds, all licensed under the creative commons licenses.

[*]ccmixter - ccmixter's about page describes it as "a community music remixing site featuring remixes and samples licensed under Creative Commons licenses."

sources/more links

Hope this helps anyone wanting to contribute by bringing to attention any music/sound/loop that can be used in this project.
Be sure to check the specific,individual, license of any music/sound/loop you may think of.

Posted: 3 Apr 2014, 21:51
by Veudekato
i like music from super tux kart and this game. free sounds will be useful :grandpiano: :concert: :music: :whistle:

Posted: 8 Apr 2014, 18:34
by StraightFlame
Also, Newgrounds has an Audio section where people can put their songs. The songs are (as far as i know) all available under a Creative Commons license.