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Post #1by Wohlstand » 12 Aug 2019, 20:41


While people having some troubles with PGE apps such as Editor or Engine, they are oftenly posting useless reports are can't be undestood. Therefore I wanna give some tips for bug reporting to make easier resolving of your trouble.

  • Please, be sure you have a LATEST PGE toolchain: you should take the most fresh build from the Laboratory to verify that a trouble is still be here. If you are using PGE toolchain which is packed with SMBX2, please follow this manual to upgrade it.
    You can check version and build date of PGE Editor via menu toolbar: Help -> About. Also, the Editor version and build date will also appear in the crash report.
  • Report a platform where you have used PGE apps: Operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS, Wine, etc.), hardware specs (on Windows you can get them by using of "Win+Run" / dxdiag utility): which CPU you have, how much RAM memory you have, your video card model.
  • Please attach any files (level file, or entire episode) with which you have worked and got a trouble / crash. If you want to keep your files private (for example, you making a level for certain context, or a part of WIP episode you want to publish later on finish), please send your report to me as a Private Message here. Some bugs and crashes can't be fixed without files are can reproduce it. Alternatively, you can make a simple level from scratch which will reproduce a bug/crash.
  • Please, explain in detail, what are you did to reproduce a crash: what did you clicked since opening an application, what did you opened/created, what did you with a scene or a game, to get certain bug or crash.

It's highly recommended to report your trouble on GitHub here. Feel free, it's easy! ;-)
You still can post your report here, if you don't want register GitHub account.

Alternatively, you can post your report via Discord into #pge room on:

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