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We are an international community of independent developers and contributors. Stuff we're involved in include projects such as games, mods and hacks for them and sometimes (possibly neat and handy!) software.

WohlSoft's mainstay project is a game engine and toolkit project currently called Platform Game Engine Since its creation we've been able to work on increased SMBX support and extend the LunaDLL hacking library with the support of the Talkhaus community. The result is LunaLUA.

Current Project Leaders

Wohlstand Wohlstand (Vitaliy Novichkov)

Founder of the WohlSoft team, Wohlstand continues to be the lead developer of the PGE-Project. As he mentions, in October 2013 he discovered an abandoned Mario fan-game that used SMBX as an engine. This inspired him to start development from scratch on a new game engine the following December.

It's worth nothing that the A2XT project by the Talkhaus community (by their utilization of the SMBX Engine to create original games, and not just fangames based on the Mario universe) convinced him to make the in-progress game engine to not be restricted to just the Mario universe, but be a general vastly customisable FOSS game engine and editor.

Kevsoft Kevsoft (Kevin Waldok)

Another lead developer from around the the start of the PGE-Project, Kevsoft's also worked on the creation of LunaLUA. He's worked on mostly backend stuff but has also done some frontend (like the "History Manager", the "Tileset Editor" and some other neat bits).

Kevsoft's efforts resulted in the first release of LunaLua (initially called LunaDLL+Lua) in September 2014 and is now the core for SMBX 2.0.

Rednaxela Rednaxela

Rednaxela efforts have mainly been focused on LunaLua, since he joined the team in September 2015. He's also contributing to development on an OpenGL rendering engine and support added for native PNG images as custom graphics along with fixing bugs inherent with the SMBX Engine, and reverse enginnering parts of the legacy Engine's code to aid PGE support for SMBX and add increased capabilities to LunaLua.

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