Welcome to my little laboratory!


This is the place to visit if you're looking to download the very latest PGE Project builds.

(The builds here are compiled from the latest state of the GitHub sources)

Note: Don't forget these are experimental and potentially unstable builds.
You can use them to test new features or experience early bugfixes before any stable version releases.
Of course there's always a chance that you might download a build which could cause you to crash.
If you have any problems or bugs with a build, report them or try downloading once again after this page is updated.
Alternatively you can download the latest stable version from here.

Please keep in mind that this page can be updated several times in a day.

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[09/21/2018 05:47:25 MSK]

Get fresh builds:

OS Download URL Size Built with CI Updated
osicon Online Installer for Windows (both x86 and x86_64)
Will help you to install or update necessary components in automatical mode!
(Will be installed a latest laboratory build with configuration packages)
1 MB - 24 Jul 2018, 01:40:19
osicon Portable version for Windows (32-bit)
Supported Windows versions: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Contains all components of PGE Project.
Can work independently on any computer. Without config packs!
28.3 MB AppVeyor 21 Sep 2018, 05:47:25
osicon Portable version for Windows (64-bit)
Supported Windows versions: Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Windows XP is not supported for 64-bit PGE Editor, PGE Maintainer, PGE MusPlay, and PGE Calibrator.
Suggested to use their 32-bit versions. PGE Engine, GIFs2PNG, PNG2GIFs, and LazyFixTool will work fine.

Contains all components of PGE Project.
Can work independently on any computer. Without config packs!
28.4 MB AppVeyor 21 Sep 2018, 05:12:07
osicon PGE Project for Mac OS X (Intel x64)
Minimal supported macOS version: 10.10 (OS X Yosemite)
The DMG image which contains all components of PGE Project in one folder
Note: apps are not signed, therefore you must accept it in the GateKeeper
Without config packs!
45.4 MB Travis-CI 21 Sep 2018, 05:14:37
osicon Portable version for Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 x64)
The tarball which contains all components of PGE Project
May work incorrectly outside Ubuntu 14.04. Without config packs!
46 MB Semaphore-CI 21 Sep 2018, 04:54:55
osicon Editor for Android
It's my small experiment to build the desktop version for Android.
Result is: It works very unstable and using it on Android is very hard.
Try it out on your own risk!
13.8 MB - 28 Feb 2017, 01:19:52

help Download standalone manual (17.2 MB)

Important!Configuration packs:
(graphics, musics, sounds, item settings)

Before start using of editor, you should to create the "configs" directory in your editor's directory
and put one of config packs into them.

(on the Mac OS X the configs directory should be located here: "~/Library/Application Support/PGE Project/configs".
(use "Data Directory" symlink to open than folder))

(on the Android device the configs directory should be located here: "/mnt/sdcard/PGE Project Data/configs")

SMBX 1.3 Config pack (classic SMBX64 standarized config pack)

help Download SMBX 1.3 Compatibility Config pack. (33.8 MB)
Last update: 08 Aug 2018, 03:35:50

help Download Update patch for SMBX 1.3 Config pack to avoid "Legacy config pack" warning. (0.9 MB)
Last update: 05 Aug 2018, 06:30:40
(Unpack it over just installed "SMBX 1.3 Compatibility" config pack with replacing of all files)

SMBX Integration Config pack (Special config pack which will save a lot of time!)
If you have slow Internet connection, this config will use data of already installed SMBX!

help Download base SMBX Intergation config pack (~560 KB)

How to apply them:

1) Install SMBX Integration config pack into the editor

2) Run the PGE Editor and select the "SMBX Integration" config if you will be asked for them,
Or choice the [Tools -> Global configuration -> Switch Configuration...] menu to switch configuration.

3) Editor will ask you to choose a directory where actual SMBX installation is located. Suggested to have latest LunaLua installation if you want to have ability use LunaTester subsystem.

morepacks Get more configuration packs here

...or here which are compatible with laboratory build



Good luck


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