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So what exactly is this? This is a free and open source game engine and toolkit, that allows to create games of platform genre.

The main and the most important idea of the project - to provide any user with a possibility to create platformers from existing media, that they already have or which they can draw by themselves. I found this idea in the SMBX fan game, but the main drawback of SMBX is strict data standard it uses and similarity to the Mario fan game series.

Engine is going to be 100% compatible with SMBX to support lot of existing levels and episodes made for this game engine. The main parts it would contain would be a game engine(SMBX compatible) and a tool-kit for creating games.

I've been working on this project at least since December 2013, and after lots of hours spent in researching SMBX 1.3, I figured out a way to retain compatibility with SMBX. This in my opinion, is very significant as there are a lot of episodes and levels made for SMBX out there. And having a better program that can deal with in the SMBX64 format(open/play/save) is very much in need.

This This Project is currently under development, but as of now, everything is available for review and testing.

Screenshots and videos

PGE Editor in action
(Levels, Tilesets, NPC Custom configs)
PGE Editor in action
(World maps)
PGE Engine demo
(Gameplay and NPC-AI in action)



Editor, Engine (alpha) and tools

0.4.0 (Editor, Engine 0.3.1-b9669a4e6-stable)

Online installer

Download Online Installer of PGE for Windows x86/x64

Standalone/Portable package

(Doesn't includes configuration packages, but you can take them here)

Download PGE (Editor, Engine and Tools) for Windows (32 bit) Windows XP is supported!

Download PGE (Editor, Engine and Tools) for Windows (64-bit) Windows XP is not supported!

Download PGE (Editor, Engine and Tools) for Linux x64 (Mint, Ubuntu)

Download PGE (Editor, Engine and Tools) for Mac OS X (Intel x64, PowerPC not supported!)

Laboratory (latest, most fresh dev-builds)

Source code

Download sources (Zip)

Download sources (tar.gz)

Our GitHub repository

How to build project

Help, FAQ and Documentation

Read online guide

Download standalone guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional tools

(These are already included with PGE Package)


GIFs2PNG is a console utility which merges GIF images with their mask and saves them into the PNG format.

Download: Win32, Linux64, Help


LazyFixTool is a console utility for fixing lazily-made image masks and converting all BMPs into GIFs. This tool will fix results of a popular and wrong method of creating masks.

Download: Win32, Linux64, Help


PNG2GIFs is a console utility which converts PNG images into the SMBX GIF format with masks.

Download: Win32, Linux64, Help

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