Super Mario Bros. X by 38A

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Super Mario Bros. X by 38A

SMB3 Mushroom.png

Smbx141 titlescreen.png
Main menu of game

Platforms: Windows XP,7,8.1.
Initial release:
Latest version: 1.4.1
End of life:
Coded in: Visual Basic 6
Code model:
License: Freeware
Download: Download SMBX by 38A
Source code:
Official site: SMBX 1.4.1 on

Super Mario Bros. X by 38A (Known as SMBX 1.4.1) - is a Mario fan game engine, written by Andrew 'Redigit' Spinks as unofficial continuation of original Super Mario Bros. X by Redigit. Game is written on Visual Basic 6 (VB6). Before November 2015 it was known as a fake until Kevsoft and Wohlstand are not found and successfuly executed it on their computers.


  • Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 , Or Windows XP on VirtalBox with support of Direct X and enabled 2d and 3d acceleration support!
  • Configured Chinese standards and formats in the Control Panel -> Regional/International Standards
  • Registered MSCOMCTL32.ocx and DX8VB.dll. Use "copy_files" or "copy_files_x64" BAT files with admin rights to apply this or copy files to C:\Windows\System32 and to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 manually.
  • Direct X 8 support (Windows Vista, Windows 10 are not supported!, Windows 8 may not be supported too because may have no Direct X 8 support!)

Comparison between PGE Project

What SMBX 1.4.1 has that PGE doesn't have yet

  • Full working playable engine
  • Tea Script (VB-Like language made by developer of SMBX 1.4.1)
  • Much more event actions (include planned in PGE event actions)
  • More flexible exit codes parsing per level points on world maps
  • More flexible "physical environments" (aka "liquids") support: support of additional events like trigger event when player/NPC intersected or contacted with liquid zone.
  • Round shaped "physical environment zones"
  • Circle fill tool
  • Smart blocks drawing (this magic thing trying to guess which block must be about blocks which you are recently placed, and it transforms those blocks into "RIGHT" blocks)
  • Built-in raster graphics editor (in PGE Editor it is planned more advanced with support of animation making/configuring/debugging and with supporting of open/save directly into PNG and even GIF+GIFm to have easily recolor, restyle or creating SMBX 1.3 compatible elements from scratch)
  • Already presented a lots of new stuff: blocks, NPC's, BGO's, power-ups, bonuses, etc! (that will be accepted into SMB Xtended project for PGE)

What PGE has that SMBX 1.4.1 doesn't have

  • PGE is Cross-platform: PGE has Linux and Mac OS X support, and planned Android version of engine to allow you to play SMBX Episodes on your smart-phone or tabled!
  • OO-Lua scripting based on advanced luabind library! Lua gives able to code scripts with algorithms of any complexity!
  • Multi-Document Interface which allows you to open and edit multiple files at same time!
  • built-in GUI-based NPC.txt editor with interactive preview of target NPC CGFX
  • Programmable NPC-AI, Custom Gameplay features
  • Smoth animation with V-Sync support
  • Absolute customization with config packs system which allows you to make absolutely new game from scratch with full ignoring of already made stuff and with ignoring of SMBX64 standard. (Different itemsets: different default blocks,bgo,npc,tiles,scenes,paths,levelpoints,sounds,musics,characters sets, number of them, senses of them, etc.)
  • Modified SDL Mixer library extended with support of Game Music Emulators formats and with support of loop points inside OGG files (via vorbis tags)
  • Backward support of saving into SMBX 1...64 standard file formats which gives ability to make right LVL/WLD files especially for old SMBX versions include SMBX 1.3: is possible to make right LVL/WLD file especially for SMBX 1.0, 1.2, 1.2.2, etc.
  • PGE is coded in C++ and it has no VisualBasics's shit requires you to configure same "Standards & Formats" to escape RTE-13 because stupid comma in a file!
  • User friendly section-settings event configuring
  • Customizable and flexible tilesets item box which allows you to create own custom tilesets per each level/episode!
  • Customizable item counters inside debugger box
  • Filter search support for item selection boxes (for example, choosing which NPC will be packed into block)
  • Filter-search and category-based item boxes
  • Search of placed items on a level and on the world map
  • Position bookmarks allows you to remember some specific positions on a workspace of level/world map (for example, remember placements of Raocoins)
  • List-based warps editing
  • Context menu support
  • Cross-file section cloning support
  • Clearing of section support (you can delete everything on a specific section)
  • Testing of world maps like level testing without starting of episodes!
  • Playing of world map musics in the editor!
  • Support of unlimited number of sections
  • Support of flexible BGO layering by Z-Layer/Z-Offset per each BGO body
  • Built-in audio-conversion and bug-fixing maintain toolsets provides ability to: convert PNG to masked GIFs compatible with SMBX <=1.3, convert SMBX's masked gifs into PNG, fix lazily-made masks which are causes wrong render with alpha-blending, clearing-up of junk NPC's caused by vine trouble bug in the SMBX 1.3.

Both SMBX 1.4.1 and PGE are has now

  • Support of custom PNG CGFX
  • Hardware render with OpenGL (PGE-side) and Direct X 8 (SMBX 1.4.1 side)
  • Line fill tool (In the PGE implemented limition to the 45 degrees to allow OR slopes, OR flors/walls. In SMBX 1.4.1 is allowed any line angle)
  • Rectangle fill tool
  • Flood-fill tool
  • Rectangle-based selection
  • Ability to export image of any level region (in the PGE it is more user friendly)
  • Vertical section wrap support
  • Custom world map musics support