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PGE-X (PGE Extendable) - Universal and flexible text file format used in the Moondust Project. The main thing of this format - is a marking of values and separating data with data sections.


Sections - are named data containers which writing with large letters without using digits and spaces. The section should be closed with the same string which began section but with appending of '_END' piece:


Sub Sections

PGE-X Format giving able build the data trees:


Data Entries

Data entries have two types: structure and plain text.

Plain text

Plain text data entries using whole space of data containers:

This is a some example of plain text data entry
I think, you understand this style of file format building...


Each data entry have each line. Parameters separated with a semicolon “;”. All parameters must have a markers. Marker and value separated by colon “:”. Non-exist markers will be skipped. Not allowing to use parameters without markers. Data-type for each parameter defining by its internal. Data-types closed by its markers. Always possible add new marker with possible to save compatible with old versions. Some valued which equal to default values can be doesn't written into the file to reduce size of target file.

VAL1:"test";VAL2:"Meow \:3";VAL3:45;

Data types syntax example

Data example Data type
12345 unsigned int/long
-31414 signed int/long
13.45 unsigned float/double
-34.772 signed float/double
"Hello world" string
H48656c6c6f20776f726c64 hex encoded string
[123,54,243,33] int/long array
["test", "cat", "dog"] string array
0/1 Boolean
011011010 Boolean array
B12FD24 Byte-encoded Boolean array

Escaping of reserved characters

Escape sequence Description
\n New line
\” Safe Quotes
\\ Safe slash
\; Semicolon
\: colon
\[ [
\] ]
\, Comma
\% Percent


The main implementation that does the use of PGE-X format is PGE File Library which is written in C++ as part of Moondust Project and later was organized as an independent C++ library that can be used for both STL and Qt (with using of Qt specific containers like QString, QList, QVector, etc.). The library is being used also in the LunaLua, SMBX2, and TheXTech projects.

File formats using PGE-X

PGE-X data format is used in data files in Moondust Project.

.LVLX - level file format. (Extended Level file)
Download specification: ODT, PDF

.WLDX - world map file format. (Extended World map file)
Download specification: ODT, PDF

.SAVX - a game-save file format of Moondust Engine.

.LVL.META - an extra meta-data store (primarily, position bookmarks) for legacy SMBX64 LVL files. Doesn't appears when there is no these data used.