Moondust Engine: Installing preview Android version (2019)

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It's the short manual how to install and prepare the experimental preview PGE Engine for Android made in 2019'th year.


Minimal supported Android version is 4.1.

Download APK

At first, you need to visit the laboratory page and download PGE Engine's APK:

Download config pack

Then, download any config pack you want:

Highly recommended to download "" or "". "Integration" config packs are totally useless for mobile platform.

Download playable episode

You can take any set of SMBX-compatible episodes you have, or you can just take one episode here.

Prepare device

After installing of APK, you will need to create next directories in your "/sdcard/" location:

  • PGE Project
    • PGE Project/configs
    • PGE Project/worlds

Preparing game data

  • Unpack your config packs into the /sdcard/PGE Project/configs folder
  • Unpack your episodes into the /sdcard/PGE Project/worlds folder

Note for Android 6+

If you are using Android 6+, it's a temporary issue that wasn't fixed yet (need to implement the permission requester), and you will need to open your Settings, Applications, find "Moondust Engine" in your applications list, open "Permissions" and toggle on the access to the file storage. Without this permission, game will not be able to see your episodes and config packs.

Trying to run a game

If everything is success, you can simply start the "Moondust Engine" application, and enjoy a game.


As it's the experimental preview, it may have even more some sudden bugs than it's well-known desktop variant. So, please, report to Wohlstand any bugs and troubles you will found by yourself.