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Platforms: SMBX Engine on Windows
Latest version: Beta [ in development]
Coded in: C++
State: Actual
Source code: On the GitHub
Official site: Official forum topic

LunaDLL with Lua (shortened to LunaLua) is a free and open source extension framework written by Kevsoft for the legacy SMBX Engine. LunaLua contains patches, fixes, improvements and adds support for scripting with the scripting language Lua. The library is based on LunaDLL for added flexibility to the code and support for powerful modifications.

For the sake of backwards compatibility, it is also able to read old LunaTXTs. LunaLua supports custom APIs. Several custom libraries released for LunaLua such as CinematX (to create custom cunscenes) exist.

Additional Features

LunaLua not only adds Lua scripting subsystem, it also provides patches, improvements and fixes for the legacy SMBX Engine:

  • Increases performance.
  • Fixes some bugs.
    • npc-*.txt with decimal numbers will no longer crash SMBX with "runtime error 13".
    • Fixed random crash caused by mushrooms contacting with lava blocks.
    • Fixes crash caused by Mario entering a warp pipe when Venus Piranha Plant shoots fire.
  • OpenGL render support.
  • SMBX's audio engine has been replaced with a better and more flexible SDL2_mixer library which also gives SMBX internal support for additional music formats.
  • Support for PNG sprites as CGFX.
  • Added PGE sounds.ini and music.ini support which provides the ability to have custom music (including world map music) and custom sound effects per episode.

The Team

  • Lead Developers: Kevsoft (Creator of LunaLua) and Rednaxela (LunaLua Development and OpenGL Engine)
  • Support Developer: Wohlstand (Sound/Music Engine)
  • Retired Developer: kil3 (Creator of the original LunaDLL)