How To: Login or Register

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To Login:

  • Just go to the top-right button "Log in" and press it.

To Register:

Due to numerous attempts to invade bots and vandals, account registration requires manual confirmation by the administration. Here is the guide on how to get the Moondust Wiki account:

  • First go to and make a forum account. This is suggested to simplify the account approval process.
  • When your account is activated you can start the registration on the Wiki: simply press the Request account link.
  • Fill the form with your username (suggested to be the same as on the forum) and your actual email address, answer the anti-bot question, and press the Request account button. At the "Additional info", you may optionally introduce yourself and give your Discord address (username#1234) in order that should simplify the approval process.
  • Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the letter that will be sent.
  • Wait for the account approval by the administration, that would take for one-two day or even faster if you sent the form during the daylight at the UTC+3 time zone. The temporary password will be sent in the approval letter.
  • Follow the steps above (To Login)