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Here will be written any Frequently Asked Questions which will help you to solve common troubles or problems.


Where are the Level Settings?

If you need to change global level settings, open the Levels menu and select Properties. But if you need to configure the current section, you must open the Section Properties window (open the View menu and select Section Settings).

I can't find the "auto-align" option!

This option is called "snap to grid" in this editor. To disable/enable it, click on the grid icon (it looks a bit like: "#") on the toolbar.

Is it possible to make the editor window the same resolution as SMBX's editor?

You can switch into Sub-Window mode in the "Window" menu and you have freedom to set a window size, also you can use zoom if you have too small of a screen or you want to place an item more accurately in the grid-less mode.


Why doesn't music play while editing?

To play music you can simply click the note "♪" icon on the toolbar, or you can set music to automatically start playing whenever levels are opened: Open the Tools mmenu and select Application Settings, and select the option: "Autoplay music after opening file", and music will automatically play each time you open the file. If music still doesn't play after this, check the configs/<packName>/data/music directory, it must contain the music files. If the folder doesn't exist, please copy your music folder from SMBX (for SMBX-compatible config packs only), or download the music pack from our site.

Instead of music I hear noise!!! Why?

You have the VERY old Editor version. This issue of sound engine was been fixed many years ago.

Music is playing super fast!!! Why?

You have the VERY old Editor version. This issue of sound engine was been fixed many years ago.

How I can convert my music files?

There are many ways to convert your music between formats:

Solution 1

You can use an audio editor, such as Audacity.

Solution 2

Starting from, PGE Editor has an audio converter GUI over SoX which provides integrated and convenient conversion system.

To convert your music you can open the menu [Tools -> External tools -> Convert Audio (SoX)] where you can quickly fix your music in interactive mode.

PGE Editor sox audio converter.png

Solution 3

Use the PGE Maintainer tool to process the batch conversion of music at your episode or level.


Does PGE Project supports PNG graphical format?

Yes, PGE Project supports PNG graphics since its foundation. Support for masked GIFs are kept for compatibility of custom graphics from the Legacy Engine.

I see ghosties instead of NPCs; why?

The "Ghostie" is a dummy image sprite. It appears if you have some custom images being broken, or they has a non-supported format, corrupted image, etc. To fix this error, you should convert the image into a valid format. Supported file formats are: PNG, GIF, BMP. Also, this error may appear once you opened a level file that contains objects which wasn't specified in current configration package. You should use the proper configuration package that was been used originally while creating this level file.

Why there are some Blocks, BGOs, and NPCs has an unexpected partial transparency?

It's the result of inproper use of bitmasks mainly used at the Legacy Engine. While the front image should have the black background, mask image should be a black and white image: the black shape of the object, and the white background.

Why do backgrounds repeat only horizontally and not vertically?

Because you probably use the single-row background which is not meant to be tiled vertically.

I recommend you to read more about backgrounds here.

Global configuration

I can't run editor; Configuration package selection list is empty!

Reason is: you doesn't installed any configuration package into your configs/ directory.

You can download any configuration package here.

'Object configurations are not loaded' error on open of any file

This error appears always when you have some errors of your configuration package. Please check the [Tools / Global configuration / Configuration Status] menu and look into "Errors" tab to see reasons of configuration package errors. Solutions to fix errors:

  • Reinstall this configuration package (install the "full" version of this config pack)
  • Check all paths if you was installed the "SMBX Integration" configuration package.

INI files are has no NewLine character. Why?

Example of wrong view

Most of INI files are saved with usign of UNIX LF new-line character. Windows Notepad usualy not understands LineFeed and requires for CRLF.

You need to download Notepad++ or Akelpad to have able edit INI files from configuration packages.


How do you run a testing in LunaLUA-SMBX directly from PGE?

If you have PGE Editor older than, to allow direct testing with SMBX, you should run both LunaLUA-SMBX and PGE Editor:

  • Launch PGE Editor
  • Launch LnuaLUA-SMBX in editor mode and minimaze it as-is.
  • Open/Create your level in PGE Editor and save it, then try to "Test" -> "Test via SMBX".

Then, PGE Editor will be automatically minimized and you will be automatically toggled to SMBX window with just-started testing of your level.

For PGE Editor and newer it is possible to run SMBX Level Test even if SMBX Editor is not running. SMBX will be launched in game mode with automatic opening of the requested level. Saving of the file is no longer required; PGE Editor will generate dummy episode and will copy all custom stuff if possible, and then will run SMBX Engine with special command line arguments. To be able use this way, you must:

  • Have a latest and configured "SMBX Integration" configuration package. (to re-configure, you must find configs/SMBXInt/configure.exe and launch it, then choice directory where SMBX is located).
  • Have a latest LunaLUA-based SMBX build. Even Vanilia-based SMBX will work fine, automatic running of requested level is possible with LunaLUA >=0.7.3 only.


How to make a big screenshot of level section?

Simply open [File -> Export section into image...] menu item, set some options and target size, and save your image (will be saved into PNG format).

How to place buried/egged/bubbled NPC?

To place buried NPC, you need to locate the "Herb" NPC in the list (in the "Containers" category) and select the contents by using the special button. Read more about using NPC containers...

How to resize section boundaries?

To resize section you need to open section properties box (The Toolbar icon or [View -> Section Settings] menu) and click "Resize". This will enable a special interactive resizing mode: drag borders of green rectangle to set up of new size. Use context menu to crop large parts of resizing box. When you done resizing, press Enter key, "green tick" button on the toolbar or "apply" button in the section settings box. You can reject resizing with "Esc" key or "Cancel" button. This action can be undone with history.

What's the "Set as Boss" option on NPC's?

This is a special flag which was in SMBX, known as "Legacy Boss". This flag enables a special boss AI which will change music and, after defeating the boss, will spawn the exit "?" ball.

How to set background of level section?

Everything available in the [ View -> Section Settings ] menu of PGE Editor.

How to set up section autoscrolling?

To setup autoscroll you should make an autostarting event with non-zero Autoscroll-X or autoscroll-Y values and with redefination of section boundaries to the small rectangle which will be an autoscrollable box.

More detail guide you can read in this article.


Is this a new version of SMBX?

This project is offered as the successor to SMBX, but it is not simply a "New SMBX". In fact, it is a standalone engine for creating custom platformer games, and is simply backwards-compatible with SMBX. SMBX - is a game; PGE - is a game engine. All games are created based on their own game engines. SMBX - closed source, PGE - Libre and Open Source. This project can be used not only for Mario games based on SMBX, but for others too (while being entirely open source). Because it allows full flexibility and customizing (all items are defined by INI files), and NPCs will be allowed to be programmed by a script language, this allows one to create custom NPCs of their own without being restricted to using the AI of an existing NPC.

Do the graphics use the same format as SMBX?

Yes, in the SMBX-compatible configs you can use the graphics format of SMBX:

- GIF file format without transparency
- Must use black/white mask to apply transparency
- Animation frames of sprite going down vertically.
- Playable character sprite has a 10x10 frame table, and a total image size of 1000x1000
pixels and fixed by the position of the character's hitboxes. - All custom SMBX graphics are fully compatible with this engine.

PGE is going to support new standards, and some of those standards are supported in LunaLUA-SMBX and also in SMBX-38A.

The INI-file of my Config pack is not being loaded after I save it!

The first reason of this error is a BOM when you was saved file via Windows Notepad.
I'm recommend to get Notepad++ or Akelpad to edit those files.
Files should be saved in UTF-8 codepage without BOM.

Do you will keep some glitches of SMBX Physical engine because some levels are requiring them?

It's not a bug, it's a feature! :) With implementing own physical engine than things will be added as config pack optional feature. It will can be disabled/enabled by special config pack flag. Inside SMBX this feature was caused by imperfection of than thing when character will stand after ducking under block and will be moved back even through wall which provides ability to go through any walls.

Will PGE have Network (OnLine) Level/World editing?

Yes! Networking is planned to be implemented into PGE. But you should understand that this will take a lot of time: networking is not easy to implement. Also, the main core needs to be implemented, which still in its development state.