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Bowser is a recurring character within the Super Mario franchise, and a non-playable character in Super Mario Bros. X.


Bowser first debuted in Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985 – 1987), under the name "King Koopa". While he did not make an appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES, 1988 – 1992), he returned in Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES, 1988 – 1991). He is usually the main villain and final boss, and he frequently kidnaps Mushroom Kingdom's princess Peach.


Bowser is often titled as a "king". He is also the one in charge of his army.


Person Status
Boom-Boom Minion
Luigi Enemy
Mario Archenemy
Peach Love-interest

Whenever Bowser kidnaps Peach, Mario sets out to foil his plans, which he usually does. This has lead them to become mortal enemies, ready to do almost anything to stop each other. Luigi usually doesn't tag along with his brother on his adventures, but nevertheless he is sometimes the one to face Bowser. Usually, he is accompanied by Mario, and through this, he has become Bowser's enemy as well.

Bowser kidnaps Peach for various reasons in the games. He is in love with her and wishes to marry her, but sometimes Bowser kidnaps Peach as a part in a bigger scheme, like luring the Mario brothers into traps.

Bowser also has a son named "Bowser Jr.". Bowser Jr. is indeed his biological offspring, though it's unknown who the mother is. In Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo GameCube, 2002).

Temporary truces

In a few RPG games, Bowser starts off as an antagonist (though not the main one), but ends up siding with Mario & Co. in order to help him defeat a greater threat. These truces don't last after the crisis is averted, however.

Powers and abilities

Even though he gets thwarted by Mario and Luigi, Bowser is no joke. He is incredibly strong and can breath fire. In some games, he is able to come back to life after a death. An example is New Super Mario Bros. where the player gets to fight Dry Bowser[1]. In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story it is shown that he can become even stronger as well as turn giant in critical situations.


Bowser doesn't have his own games, but is a main-stay in the mainstream Mario games, where he is the main antagonist. He also appears in various spin-offs, like in Mario Kart, Mario Party and since Melee he has appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series as a playable character.

In Super Mario Bros. X

Bowser is an NPC, but usually has a central role within episodes.[Citation needed] In SMBX, Bowser comes in two forms: his incarnation from Super Mario Bros. 1, and his incarnation from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Powers and abilities

Both Bowser forms are capable of spitting fire.


In his Super Mario Bros. 1 form, he also throws hammers at the player in waves, similar to a Hammer Bro. Occasionally, Bowser will jump into the air. This Bowser form takes about 4 hits from an Ice Block before being destroyed.


In his Super Mario Bros. 3 form, he can jump up into the air and try to land on the player. If there is a (special block) under him when he lands, he destroys the block. This Bowser form is much more durable, and can take quite a punishment.