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BGP is a class in TeaScript.vbs that allows you to read/write values of backgrounds (background2).

Using the BGP Class

To read the value of BGP use:


To change the value of BGP use:

BGP(index).name = value

Array-like Strings

For the BGP class, "array-like" strings are used. The arrays look like this:

'BGP(2) is the SMB3 Cloud background
BGP(2).splitcount = 3 'The background is split into three sections
BGP(2).splitter = "300, 400" 'The three sections are located in: (0-300), (300-400), and (400-700)
BGP(2).movesp = "2, 0, -2"  'Now that the background is split, the three values are set like this

BGP Properties

Splitting Properties
Type Name Read/Write Description
double splitcount - Decides into how many subsections the background image is split into. Changing this value changes how many values are entered into all other BGP properties.
string splitter - An "array-like" string that stands for the y position in which the background is split into. The array should only contain where the split happens and should have one less value than splitcount. Note, the y position is for the image file with 0 starting from the top.

Physical Properties
Type Name Read/Write Description
string movesp - An "array-like" string that controls the horizontal speed of the subsection.
string offset - An "array-like" string that stands for a horizontal shift of the subsection.
string zsp - An "array-like" string that stands for a the scrolling parallax speed of the subsection.

Oddities and Quirks

Below is a list of certain quirks certain BGPs have that does not conform to standard behavior or simply other miscellaneous behavior.