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Yoshi is Mario's companion in many Super Mario games. His first appearance was in Super Mario World, where Mario and Luigi can ride him by jumping on him.

Special Abilities


Yoshis come in many colors. In Super Mario World, colors indicate a special ability that gets activated by grabbing a shell. Either the shell or the Yoshi need to have the color for the power to be active:

  • Green = No Special Ability.
  • Yellow = Yoshi does a Stomp when landing on the ground.
  • Red = Yoshi spits 3 fireballs.
  • Blue = Temporary flight.

These powers carry over to Super Mario Bros. X, with the addition that the blue Yoshi can fly when grabbing anything, not just a shell. SMBX introduces 4 new types of Yoshi's:

  • Pink = Turns enemies into turnips.
  • Light Blue = Turns enemies into ice blocks.
  • Purple = Does a Ground Pound when pressing down.
  • Black = Has all the abilities of the yellow, red and blue Yoshi.

Purple Yoshi

Purple Yoshi Explanation from Yoshi's Archipelago

The Purple Yoshi's Ground Pound is triggered by "Down", which can lead to accidental deaths. On TheXTech (and SMR), this can be prevented by by adding ground-pound-by-alt-run = true to settings/thextech.ini, which changes the Input to "Alt Run".