Wld paths.ini (Config pack)

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wld_paths.ini - Definition of paths for world maps.

[ path-main ]
Parameter Allowed values Example value Description
total >=1 total = 32 Allocate PATH-ID's to define paths.
grid >=1 grid = 32 Default alignment grid size for all path cells without defined "grid" field.
config-dir string config-dir = "items/paths" Enables split config mode (using a set of path-*.ini files in the specified directory instead finding sections in the same INI-file)
extra-settings string extra-settings = "items/paths" Relative path to folder where are extra settings JSON layouts are stored. If the field didn't define, the value of `config-dir` will be used. When it's also empty too, extra settings will not work.

Note: in the split mode or in the custom level/episode path-*.ini config file, section name is always path.

Settings of each path (Where '*' - should be a PATH-ID from 1 to total number of paths)
You should define settings for all allocated PATH-ID range!

[ path-* ]
Parameter Allowed values Example value Description
* * * = * Specification of content of theese sections are fully repeats the specification of Path Cell Object entry config files.