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Female version of Axiom with his beloved corgi.

Join date: Mid 2010
Real name: Mike
Aliases: Axiom, Luigifan, Luigifan2010, MrMiketheripper

Axiom likes programming! He is a huge supporter of the PGE project, contributing and advocating when he can and also loves Lua.


In 2010, Axiom joined the original SMBX forums as Luigifan2010. This name stuck with him through to Knux's forums (though, it did variate into Luigifan2011 at one point) and even more recently into Joey's forums until late July, he changed his name to Axiom after the Contortionist song.

He began programming in late 2011-early 2012 with Visual Basic. Axiom fell in love with the visual designer of Visual Basic and object oriented programming styles and has since transitioned to C# as his primary language, though does cheat on C# with Java every once in a great while.

Before his transition to C#, he developed the SMBX Episode Manager, a tool dedicated to download and installing SMBX episodes for you utilising an online database to retrieve and display metadata. Eventually, this program was ported to C# though now, it is discontinued. Axiom also developed the SMBX NPC Editor in C# after getting the idea from PGE. His most recent projects include an IRC bot called Luigibot, another C# implementation of the Discord API (DiscordSharp) and the LunaLua Module Manager for downloading and updating LunaLua and its various API scripts.

Axiom is a long time SMBX user and community member. Fear him.

Fact Sheet

  • Hates Windows, loves Unix specifically OS X.
  • Is certified in 3 Adobe programs (Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC)
  • Loves corgis
  • C# is the cure to cancer


Work in progress portfolio