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I am a PGE Wiki editor.


Fun2's general purpose avatar.

Join date: 27th of February, 2017
Real name: Marcus Lars Yung Suk Sundström
Aliases: Fun. (along with various variations),


Query Answer Additional notes
Nationality Swedish I was born in Soul, South Korea, and

was then adopted at birth.

Birthday The 25th of August, 2000
Occupation Student I'm in year one of the Aesthetics and Media

program at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå.

Alias history

I usually goes under the alias "Fun." (or a variation thereof, most notably "Fun. 2.0"). "Fun." is actually an abbreviation of "FunFakees 2" (hence the "2" that sometimes goes along with my alias).

I made a YouTube channel, which I originally wanted to name "FunnyFakes", however, as that name was (at the time at least) occupied and thusly inaccessible, I went with "FunFakees" (which I abbreviated to "FFS" when necessary). Time moved on, and only recently in late 2015 did I change the alias to "Fun."

The reason for the change being that "FunFakees" is a complicated name, which no one[Citation needed] could pronounce right. The usual pronunciation was "fun-fakes" (wrong) or "fun-flakes" (also wrong, and where did they get the L from?). On the Internet, my alias was commonly shortened to simply "fun", so I decided to adopt that word as my alias on the grounds that it was easier for people to write and say (given that "fun" is a common word), and it was already being used anyways.

Primary doings here

As an editor of this wiki, I edit things (shocking).

Mostly, I fix grammatical/spelling errors. I also translate pages to Swedish (it's a hassle though, and I'm lazy).