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+KZ is a simple user here

I don't know what I could put on my wiki page ... well.. is my page, ill do that i want

The key glitch but is Yoshi and a shell

Eclipsed managed to produce this glitch with Yoshi before, see this

You can make this glitch work on any level you can have Yoshi and a shell, it's a bit difficult, but with practice it might cost you less..

If you didn't know, Yoshi can kill a shell just by walking on it, you will need to do this to produce the glitch.

You need to do this:

1- Get a shell and put it on the ground

2- Mount Yoshi

3- Run to the shell

4- Get down to slide

5- At the exact moment yoshi passes over the shell (at the same time Yoshi kills him), eat it

6- Now you have another NPC on your mouth, if its a coin, yoshi obviously will eat it, but is very fun when you get another npc like a platform or a npc generator :D

What are the most significant differences between the key glitch and that of Yoshi?

  • First of all, You need to make/edit a level with specific things to make the key glitch, while with Yoshi you can do it on every level you want (only if you have a yoshi and a shell)
  • With key glitch you need a key and a locked door, and with Yoshi glitch you need Yoshi and a shell
  • If he can, Yoshi will eat the "cloned" NPC, while Key glitch dont problems with it

i say, i do that i want in this page, and this glitch is very cool

Nickname History

These are my past nicknames

  • BGamer/BGamer20 - My very first nickname
  • SBGamer/SGamer - Nickname that i used in smbx forums (and SGamer a time on discord), but that account is actually abandoned and now it have some random account info instead of my real info
  • +KZ - My actual nickname, using it everywhere