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The latest release can be found here. The source code can be found here.


Copy/paste the smb3goalcard.lua file and smb3goalcard folder in the same directory as your .wld file along with a lunaworld.lua, as it is intended to be used throughout an entire episode.

How to Use

In your lunaworld.lua file, start with the following import:

smb3card = API.load("smb3goalcard");

Then, override the onStart function of the level and set your variables.

function onStart()

This enables all of your levels that have the SMB3 Roulette exit to use the module.

If you wish to disable the roulette for a specific level for any reason, make a lunadll.lua file in the corresponding levels graphic folder, and add the following.

smb3card = API.load("smb3goalcard");

function onStart()

This will disable the ability to get a card from the roulette.

Methods Reference

Name Returns Notes
usesCard() bool Enables/Disables the GetCard functions.


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