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This page is about the NPC, not to be confused with the SMBX Forums user Squishy Rex.

Rex is an enemy that first appeared in Super Mario World (SNES, 1990 – 1992), and also makes an appearance in Super Mario Bros. X.

In Super Mario World

Rex first appeared in Super Mario World in the level Yoshi's Island 1, one of the first levels available to the player.

What sets Rex apart from other enemies is that it takes two stomps to defeat it, as opposed to just one for many other enemies. In their "squished" state, t are roughly half of it's full size, and moves around twice as fast.

However, they can still be taken out with one hit using things like Starman or fireballs.

In other games

Rex also appears in some other games, like Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga. What's special about them is that as the Bros. stomp on them, they become more and more squished.

In Super Mario Bros. X

In SMBX, the Rex NPC acts as it does in Super Mario World, where it is an enemy that requires two stomps to defeat. Although Rexes are a somewhat more resilient enemy than others in this respect, it is still very much susceptible to many other variations of attack. When a Rex is stomped it becomes roughly half of its original size and becomes twice as fast.

Over the course of many SMBX episodes, Rexes have appeared mainly in their original Super Mario World colours of blue and orange. That said however, a few new varieties of Rexes have appeared over the years, such as the custom-made Vampirex and the Ancient Rex to name a few. It should also be noted that in the events of The Invasion 2, Rexes are shown to be born from eggs like real-life dinosaurs. This can be seen in level 18.

SMBX Statistics

NPC ID(s) NPC Type Kill/Collection Trigger Score
npc-162, npc-163, effect-85, effect-86 Enemy Kill 100 Points
Transition Effect


  • Squishy Rex is based upon this enemy.
  • Rex first appears in SMBX, during the events of The Invasion.
  • Rex appears in almost every available SMBX episode.
  • In SMBX, Rex does not use its transition effect frame, unlike in Super Mario World, when it's is defeated.
  • In the GBA remake of Super Mario World, when Rex is eaten by Yoshi, he displays a new death effect frame not seen in the original SNES release.
  • A comparison to Rexes in Super Mario World is that when defeated by an attack other than a stomp in SMBX, the Rex falls off-screen head first. In Super Mario World however, the defeated Rex falls while remaining in an upright position.