PGE Editor, Introducing (Tutorial)

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PGE Editor common view

Moondust Editor - is a flexible, universal editor for levels, world maps and NPC configurations. With them you can create own levels, world maps, episodes and even whole games!

Editor have a lots of tools which will help you to create your levels and worlds convetient, fast, progressive and qualitative!

Moondust Editor - is a part of developing Moondust Project which based on SMBX64 standard - a tech stuff of SMBX Engine. Moondust Project going to be successor of old SMBX Engine to give more freedom of customization and giving able use it more useful for creation of any platform games!

Moondust Editor designed to have most of features in the menus and on the toolbar: you can switch between sections - separated sub-areas or rooms; place player's start/spawn point, take placing of physical environments (water, quicksand); lock or unlock items of target type to keep them in safe; show/hide some toolboxes - helpful boxes which contains most of settings of items, section, etc. Also you can copy selected items or paste them from clipboard back. Moondust Editor have a status bar where you can see some difference messages. When you will work with items on the level and on the world map, to have access to their properties you have the context menu to use. [Context menu is a useful menu with settings and features which can be opened by right (or left for lefthander mouse) mouse button click].

Moondust Editor has the advanced tools in the "Tools" menu where you can find variouse graphics and audio converters, fixing and cleanup wizards which will help you to fix errors in the presented stuff.

Unlike original SMBX Editor, Moondust Editor uses multi-selection concept which gives ability to work with multiple items at same time. Instead of each item dragging to change their properties, you have able use a context menu. You also have able to set same properties to multiple items at one! You can copy, you can paste your stuff into another level/world, you can undo any junk changes (and redo them too). With placing mode you have useful features like line, rectangle, flood-fill which help you place items more convenient. With "Overwrite mode" you can even replace items on the map without pre-deleting of them!

Moondust Editor unlike original SMBX have no bugs which was in the SMBX before:

  • you have full freedom with using of decimal values in the npc.txt files (they are opens freely and safely)
  • you have full freedom to use custom sceneries in range 32-65 on the world map with correct saving of file (SMBX crashing when you try to save world map with those items).
  • you will don't flood with vines or with sceneries when you try to put them to map.
  • flood-fill is safe, if you was accidental flooded outer space, flood-filling process will be aborted after 3 sec. which will give you able undo it and fix your wrongs without re-opening of editor.
  • you will never get "overflow" message because Moondust Editor have more space to hold your items. If you try to save level or world into SMBX format, you will be noticed about exiding of it's limit which giving you able remove junk items to take able open your level in the SMBX correctly.

If you don't like regular item box with categories and filter search, you have able use Tileset Item Box which giving you tileset box which more similar to original SMBX toolbox, but you have special "Custom" tab where you have able to make your own tilesets!

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