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Platform Game Engine project

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PGE Editor, Engine and Calibrator.png
Editor, Engine and Calibrator

Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Latest version: Editor,
Engine 0.3.1-alpha
Coded in: C++
License: GPLv3
State: Actual (Editor, Calibrator and tools),
Under construction (Engine)
Source code: WohlSoft/PGE-Project
Official site:

Platform Game Engine project (somewhat informally known as PGE, PGW, PlatGenWohl, Platformer Game Engine by Wohlstand) is a Free Open Source Software project that most prominently consists of a game engine and toolkit. A significant goal of the project is to make it easy for developers and game makers to create their own platform-genre games.

The project originally began after a lead developer's research and interest in the fan game engine, Super Mario Bros. X and is fully compatible with it. A significant concept that can be traced to be originating from this past, is the way the SMBX fan game allowed users to use their own existing media to create platform levels and episodes (however also containing both technical and gameplay restrictions as a mario fan game). The current logo of the project is a Gyro cat drawn by Wohlstand.



  • Engine providing games playback, testing and debug of levels with interprocess communications with editor.
  • Editor is a main development kit which providing creation of levels and world maps for games
  • Playable character calibration tool providing flexible configuring and editing of playable character sprites.

Additional console tools

  • LazyFix tool is a tool that fixes "lazily-made masks" for the SMBX64 standard.
  • GIFs2PNG Converter providing conversion of SMBX64 sprites into transparent PNG images which easier to edit and use.
  • PNG2GIFs Converter providing opposite conversion of transparent PNG into SMBX64 masked GIF sprites which possible to use in old SMBX game engines.

The Team

Translation to other languages

The full list of translation contributors can be found on the Translating PGE into other languages page.