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The rules on this wiki are short and simple:

  • Keep articles formal and clear in the form, and try to pay attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation while writing articles. Don't worry if you mistook somewhere, reviewers could help you to fix spelling/grammar later.
  • Don't spam. This is not an advertisement agency and is not a bulletin board.
  • Don't vandal. Don't even try to mess up the result of hard effort taken by other people.
  • Don't insert adult content. The content of this wiki is intended to be accessed by everyone including children.
  • Follow copyright laws and respect efforts made by other people. Don't use the stuff made by other people without giving credit.
  • Don't post random unrelated stuff. This wiki has specific thematic focused on Moondust Project, TheXTech, SMBX and its branches, and various related technical stuff. You can't post anything unrelated. Exception: at your user page (such as "User:YourNickName") you may post absolutely anything (not forbidden by rules, by law, and by common sense).
  • The main language of this wiki is English, but you can write translations of articles into other languages by making an article with the language suffix: for example, an article is "The Dungeon of Funny Faces", and its Russian translation will have the "The Dungeon of Funny Faces/ru" title.