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SMBX64 Standard has totally 76 Music files. Here is a full list of Music files.

Here are listed original SMBX64 music filenames and their roles. Due bad quality of MP3 audio compression and bigger file size, All musics are been replaced in the LunaLUA and in the "SMBX 1.3" config pack for PGE with original chiptunes in SPC and NSF formats, and in the OGG files with added loop tags.

World map musics

World map Music-ID World music file-name Name Description
1 smb3-world1.mp3 SMB3 World 1
2 smb3-world4.mp3 SMB3 World 4
3 smb3-world7.mp3 SMB3 World 7
4 smw-worldmap.mp3 SMW Theme
5 nsmb-world.mp3 NSMB Theme SMB3-Remake fragment from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
6 smb3-world2.mp3 SMB3 World 2
7 smw-forestofillusion.mp3 SMW Forest
8 smb3-world3.mp3 SMB3 World 3
9 smb3-world8.mp3 SMB3 World 8
10 smb3-world6.mp3 SMB3 World 6
11 smb3-world5.mp3 SMB3 World 5
12 smw-special.mp3 SMW Special
13 smw-bowserscastle.mp3 SMW Bowser
14 smw-starroad.mp3 SMW Star Road
15 smw-yoshisisland.mp3 SMW Island
16 smw-vanilladome.mp3 SMW Cave

Special musics

Note: Those musics are can't be switched as background musics. Those musics are triggering by SMBX Engine special events

Special Music-ID Special music file-name Name Description
1 smw-switch.mp3 SMW P-Switch Playing when blue P-Switch being stomped
2 smb3-switch.mp3 SMB3 P-Switch Playing when green P-Switch being stomped
3 smg-title.mp3 Credits (SMG Title) Playing on the credits screen. In the SMBX has been replaced with another music.

Level musics

Level Music-ID Level music file-name Name Description
1 smb3-overworld.mp3 SMB3 Overworld
2 smb3-sky.mp3 SMB3 Sky
3 smb3-castle.mp3 SMB3 Castle
4 smb3-underground.mp3 SMB3 Underground
5 smb2-overworld.mp3 SMB2 Overworld
6 smb3-boss.mp3 SMB3 Battle Automatically switching on Boom-Boom (SMBX64 NPC-15) legacy boss battle algorithm.
7 smb-underground.mp3 SMB Underground
8 sf-corneria.mp3 Corneria
9 smb-overworld.mp3 SMB Overworld
10 smw-overworld.mp3 SMW Overworld
11 sm-brinstar.mp3 Brinstar
12 sm-crateria.mp3 Crateria
13 nsmb-overworld.mp3 New SMB
14 sm64-desert.mp3 SM64 Desert
15 smb2-boss.mp3 SMB2 Boss Automatically switching on Birdo (SMBX64 NPC-39) legacy boss battle algorithm.
16 mariorpg-forestmaze.mp3 SMRPG Forest Maze
17 smw-ghosthouse.mp3 SMW Ghost House
18 smg-beach-bowl-galaxy.mp3 Beach Bowl
19 ssbb-airship.mp3 Airship Theme
20 smg-star-reactor.mp3 SMG Star Reactor
21 mariorpg-bowser.mp3 SMRPG Bowser Battle Automatically switching on Bowser III'rd (SMBX64 NPC-86) legacy boss battle algorithm.
22 tds-metroid-charge.mp3 Metroid Charge Theme from a "Tetris DS" game.
23 z3-lost-woods.mp3 Lost Woods
24 <none> Reserved for a custom music
25 smb2-underground.mp3 SMB2 Underground
26 mario64-castle.mp3 SM64 Castle
27 mario64-maintheme.mp3 SM64 Main Theme
28 smw-sky.mp3 SMW Sky
29 smw-cave.mp3 SMW Cave
30 mariorpg-mariospad.mp3 SMRPG Mario's Pad
31 mariorpg-seasidetown.mp3 SMRPG Seaside Town
32 mariorpg-tadpolepond.mp3 SMRPG Tadpole Pond
33 mariorpg-nimbusland.mp3 SMRPG Nimbus Land
34 mariorpg-rosetown.mp3 SMRPG Rose Town
35 mario64-snowmountain.mp3 SM64 Snow
36 mario64-boss.mp3 SM64 Boss
37 pm-shiver-mountain.mp3 Shiver Mnt
38 pm-yoshis-village.mp3 Yoshi's Village
39 ssbb-zelda2.mp3 Hyrule Temple
40 ssbb-meta.mp3 Meta Knight
41 smw-castle.mp3 SMW Castle
42 smb-castle.mp3 SMB Castle
43 smb2-wart.mp3 SMB2 Wart
44 sm-itemroom.mp3 Item Room
45 sm-brain.mp3 Mother Brain
46 smb-water.mp3 SMB Water
47 smb3-water.mp3 SMB3 Water
48 smw-water.mp3 SMW Water
49 mario64-water.mp3 SM64 Water
50 mario64-cave.mp3 SM64 Cave
51 smw-boss.mp3 SMW Boss
52 ssbb-underground.mp3 Underground
53 ssbb-waluigi.mp3 Waluigi
54 smb3-hammer.mp3 SMB3 Hammer Bros
55 smg2-fg.mp3 Fleet Glide Used as main menu music in SMBX 1.3
56 mkwii-mushroom-gorge.mp3 M. Gorge Used as main menu music in SMBX

Download full list of SMBX64 Musics

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