LunaDll Hotkeys

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With the development of LunaLua there are some new hotkeys for LunaDll:

Hotkey Task Description Version
F12 Generate Screenshot The screenshot function has been rewritten due to the new OpenGL renderer. All screenshots are saved in PNG format with the current date and time as filename. LunaLua ≥ v0.7.1.1
F11 Toggle Gif Recorder Will start or stop the gif recorder. Be sure to only record a few seconds and not too long as the game will lag (and maybe crash) after a while. LunaLua ≥ v0.7.1.1
F4 Toggle Scretch Mode Will toggle between "Scretch-Mode" and "Letterbox-Mode" (forced 4:3) LunaLua ≥ v0.7.2
F3 Lag-o-meter and Profiler Will show the current performance of different parts of the engine. When toggled off will show detailed profiling of Lua code that ran while it was active. A copy of this detailed profiling data will also be written to profiler.log LunaLua ≥ v0.7.3.1