Masked GIFs to PNG Converter

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Masked GIFs to PNG Converter

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Overlay from the PGE Maintainer

Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Initial release:
Latest version: 3.1
Latest testing:
End of life:
Coded in: C++
Code model:
License: GPLv3
State: Actual
Download: GIFs2PNG
Source code: GitHub
Official site:

Masked GIFs to PNG Converter (Known as GIFs2PNG) is a graphical conversion tool that converts old SMBX64 GIF images (source image with transparency mask) to PNG images with support to alpha-channel and true color palette.


This is a console utility. To use it you need to run the Terminal at the directory where the GIFs2PNG executable located. Alternatively, you can use this utility from your scripts and utilities and run this utility externally.


   ./GIFs2PNG  [-C </path/to/config/pack>] [-O
               </path/to/output/directory/>] [-w] [-d] [-b] [-r] [--]
               [--version] [-h] <Input file path(s)> ...


   -C </path/to/config/pack>,  --config </path/to/config/pack>
     Allow usage of default masks from specific PGE config pack (Useful for
     cases where the GFX designer didn't make a mask image)

   -O </path/to/output/directory/>,  --output </path/to/output/directory/>
     path to a directory where the PNG images will be saved

   -w,  --dig-recursive-old
     Look for images in subdirectories [deprecated]

   -d,  --dig-recursive
     Look for images in subdirectories

   -b,  --ingnore-bg
     Skip all "background2-*.gif" sprites

   -r,  --remove
     Remove source images after a succesful conversion

   --,  --ignore_rest
     Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

     Displays version information and exits.

   -h,  --help
     Displays usage information and exits.

   <Input file path(s)>  (accepted multiple times)
     (required)  Input GIF file(s)

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