Effect Entry INI config (Config pack)

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effect-*.ini - the settings file which declares single entry of effect object types. When this is a section of the main lvl_effects.ini file, almost all parameters are required. When this file was created inside of level or episode, all parameters are optional: the role of episode/level side configuration is overriding of default properties are declared on a side of config pack.

Parameter Allowed values Example value Description
name string name = "Brick fragments" Title of effect
image string image = "effect-134.gif" Image file name of effect
frames [>=1] frames= 4 Total number of frames on image
frame-style [>=0] frame-style= 0 frame-style of effect:
0 - full frameset
1 - frames for left and right directions (1/2 of frameset)
2 - frames for left-right and upper directions (1/4 of frameset)
frame-delay [>=1] frame-delay = 128 Delay between animation frames in milliseconds
frame-speed [>=1] frame-speed = 128 Alias to frame-delay
framespeed [>=1] framespeed = 8 Delay between animation frames in 1/65 seconds