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deathTracker.lua visually keeps track of your deaths in a level and their position. It requires LunaLua v.0.7 I think dunno.


Extract the zip into the LuaScriptsLib folder.

How to use and Examples

To enable deathTracker, add this line to lunadll.lua, or lunaworld.lua:

local deathTracker = API.load("deathTracker");

Image files

DeathTracker allows you to customise your death icon. It comes with some pre-installed images:

Variable Description
deathTracker.ICON_STANDARD A Super Mario Maker-style icon.
deathTracker.ICON_STANDARD2X A Super Mario Maker-style icon. Rescaled to fit SMBX's sprite detail. This image is used by default.
deathTracker.ICON_ARROW An arrow icon.
deathTracker.ICON_ARROW2X An arrow icon. Rescaled to fit SMBX's sprite detail.
deathTracker.ICON_PLAYER1 Mario's death effect.
deathTracker.ICON_PLAYER2 Luigi's death effect.
deathTracker.ICON_PLAYER3 Peach's death effect.
deathTracker.ICON_PLAYER4 Toad's death effect.
deathTracker.ICON_PLAYER5 Link's death effect.
deathTracker.ICON_TRUMP Making SMBX great again!
deathTracker.ICON_SWEAT Sweat smile emoticon.
deathTracker.ICON_CAT :3


deathTracker.iconSprite = deathTracker.ICON_STANDARD
deathTracker.iconSprite = Graphics.loadImage("example.png")