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AntiMicro configuration for SMBX with an XInput Controller.

antimicro is a user-friendly open-source program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad. It supports GNU/Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.

Default Controls

The default keyboard controls for Super Mario Bros. X

  • Up = UP
  • Down = DOWN
  • Left = LEFT
  • Right = RIGHT
  • Run = X
  • Alt Run = S
  • Jump = Z (May be Y on QWERTZ-Keyboards)
  • Alt Jump = A
  • Drop Item = SHIFT
  • Pause = RETURN (ESCAPE will also work)

On TheXTech, Drop Item is only triggered by LEFT SHIFT, and Pause is only triggered by ESCAPE, however, it can be changed to RETURN and ESCAPE will still work.


For Windows, a .msi can be downloaded on the developer's Github.

On Ubuntu and Linux Mint, it can be installed via Terminal by entering:

sudo apt install antimicro

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